Music of the Week #294

Keeping up

Got the Hero Academia dual-episode stuff out so I should be in the clear for this weekend before the next one hits. I might be busy this weekend but the better parts of the sports festival are on the way so I’m confident my interest will still be held. Persona 5 is getting a lot of my attention since I really want Satanel since I love Joker and Arsene so much and it took me a load of money to make three goddamn Michaels, a Metatron, Sandalphon, Lucifer, Satan, and Isis to prepare for Satanel’s creation when NG+ hits. My first run clocked in about 98 hours with the final dungeon still remains ahead of me.

So yeah, there’s that. The Bloodborne music spotlight rears its focus to Micolash, the Host of the Nightmare. The lore tells us that everything started at Brygenworth and after a major discovery, Brygenworth’s scholars split into different factions. The most prominent is the Healing Church led by Laurence and aided by Ludwig and Gehrman with the age of workshop hunters and later the church hunters. Another school based in Yarhar’Ghul utilized by brutal and sickening methods of obtaining greater bodily and mental enlightenment by fusing each other’s bodies like the One Reborn. The School of Mensis was behind these experimentation and its scholars all wear cages upon their heads to ascend their thoughts. Mensis was able to beckon forth great ones and Micolash is the only coherent scholar left among his bumbling peers in their keep within the nightmare that doubles as the loft for Mergo, their called upon Great One. Slaying him with his ominous music doesn’t really call itself a tough boss fight aside from his Call Beyond ability. The most interesting aspect is how he mentions that he’ll be waking up now and forget everything, and his body is presumably the one we touched to enter the nightmare.