Music of the Week #293

Yeah, definitely not on track

Moving houses is definitely an enormous task and that’s mostly been my reason for the past few weeks of near inactivity. I’ve tried watching Bahamut but even with its returning characters, the new ones haven’t been hooking me in at all. I blame both the exhaustion from moving things and my general enslavement to RPGs these past few months. Hero Academy is probably going to be a constant for this season while I hope my interest in Bahamut returns because I can at least say I want to see what Favaro and Kaisar are up to again.

Anyways, this week’s theme is the 2nd theme for the Hunter’s Dream unlocked after the veil is lifted from reality and the Blood Moon draws close after Rom’s death. A soothing tune plays which contrasts with the bloodier sky and background that was previously completely white. Even the twisted realities of the real world during the Blood Moon phase affects the fabric of the Hunter’s Dream, which leads to a lot of questions how connected dream worlds are to each other and to the real world.