Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 14-18: Mother of Recaps

Ain’t this just the latest I’ve ever been.

It’s a strange feeling I have since I actually read ahead of the series and knew what was going to happen so technically, I could have written this up way earlier. This was also my most anticipated series of the season yet me being aware of its events made me prioritize other things than watching how its scenes were adapted. Thankfully we’re here now so let’s get this out of the way so I can judge if Bahamut was worth watching or not.

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Music of the Week #291

Almost there

I always hate having a music post right above a music post but my recent obsession with JRPGs is really taking my toll on my late-night activities. I’ve written up Hero Academy and all that needs to be done is Bahamut’s which I sadly haven’t started but if I’m going to cover it, I hope the last slew of episodes retain my attention. Otherwise Hero Academia will be sole thing covered this season. Maybe it’s for the best.

Anyways, we trudge along through more bloody streets into a something more fiery and poisonous. The Blood Starved Beast awaits those who enter the chapel in Old Yharnam past another cathedral filled with beastmen guarded by the Old Hunter Djura, who became their guardian after witnessing the tragedy of Old Yharnam going down in flames. The BSB is a particularly vicious creature who’s most striking feature is its torn back-skin draping over its upperbody like some bloody shawl. It flaps wildly in accordance to its frantic movements and attacks and it proves as a tough obstacle for those who didn’t buy the Hunter Chief Emblem to enter the Grand Cathedral in the Cathedral Ward.


Music of the Week #290


With Onihei finally done I can get back and move forward with the Season and lo and behold, there’s only 2 series I’m going to be covering and they’re both continuations from previous seasons. Hero Academia should come as no surprise since I’m very much taken with the series and where the adaptation is going to cover is where the series really hit it off for me. The other one isn’t Attack on Titan but Shingeki no Bahamut since I’m way more invested in that series since I adored the first season while the literal years to get AoT’s 2nd season really made me forget and disconnect with all of it. I had my own complaints with AoT during that time as well so I’m not all that interested in getting back into it.

This week’s theme is the Cleric Beast theme that doubles as the theme for Vicar Amelia. One of the more ominous tracks that I actually prefer over Gascoigne’s Hunter theme. Cleric Beasts give us an explanation how devout members of the Healing Church become that more prominent in becoming a characteristic beast compared to the others. There’s something to appreciate more with Bloodborne’s inner-workings a bit more than Dark Souls’ convoluted time-lines and cycles.

Onihei- The Man, the Legend

The first day of the new season 3 months ago had me looking around a streaming site to see if any of the promotional images would grab my attention. Sure enough, I find one series I never heard about with a really distinct style to it. I Googled Onihei and was surprised to learn that this was the official anime adaptation of long running series of novels and live-action dramas that has been a part of Japan’s libraries since the 1960’s and its TV programming since 2005. I was already brought in with its distinctive style but learning of how this was the first attempts to officially animate the franchise really interested me because for how big it is, I never heard it before I watched the adaptation.

To any of you who stuck around, my feelings for this series should clear as day.

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Music of the Week #289

Still swamped

I promised that I’d be caught up with the new season by the time the week was over and here we are. On the plus side, Onihei is the only thing remaining from last season while I’ll just be able to get Episodes 1-2 with the new season, which honestly enough, will just end up with me covering Hero Academy and only that since I haven’t seen anything else in the list that really interested me. We’ll figure that out for sure once Onihei is up and I’m real close to its finishing point.

Until then, more of Bloodborne’s beautifully intimidating soundtrack with this week’s tune: The Hunter. Father Gascoigne is the technical first real boss in the game when you consider that he’s the first of the mandatory bosses to continue with the game. After traversing a portion of Yharnam’s sewers and crossing another bridge, you enter the Tomb of Oedon where Gascoigne is found chopping up a body and clearly turning into a beast. The tragedy of Gascoigne is compounded when you discover that he’s a devout father of two and his wife had set out that night to find him, only to be presumably killed by him in his beast-like trance. His daughter gives you a choice to try and save her by seeking refuge in a chapel but is consumed by an enormous pig on her way there. Gascoigne fully gives in to his beasthood halfway through the fight but this can be accelerated if you use a Music Box that belonged to his wife to disorient him but after 3 times, he fully gives in to his inner nature.

Demi-chan Wa Kataritai- Monster Girl PhD

Allow me to be perfectly honest when I say I’m still not used to reviewing a series like this where it’s more for relaxation instead of portraying a plot-line or another, more direct means of taking a series in. I usually don’t watch these types of series aside from a small handful of them nor do I properly know how to address them in a way I usually do.

Demi-chan went under my initial radar of things to watch when the series first aired but I was pointed in its direction by a friend’s recommendation and I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the experience.

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Music of the Week #288


Swamped with so many things to do and keep up with but in a good sort of way that I can’t wait each new day to get them done. Mostly games and all that but it’s been quite an enjoyable time. Still hasn’t hit me that Dark Souls is “over” yet but I’ve been getting into some other games to kill that gap in the meantime. I’m half-way through with the series reviews and I’m confident I’ll be able to get them out and the new series recaps on the weekend before the week is up so look forward to those.

So let’s get on with our music spotlight with the hub music for Bloodborne in the captivating Hunter’s Dream, one of the many dream worlds that exist in a completely separate reality from the real and “waking” world. Out of all the hub worlds, the Hunter’s Dream is the most unique of them all as it features only 2 NPCs and is its own separate world that is the clearly somewhere outside of regular reach. It’s nature as a dream world as well as its origins with Gehrman also leads it to be the most unique of hubs in series, even if most other hubs in the game are connected to the game’s final events.