Music of the Week #296

On a roll?

So far so good on the Hero Academia train, while a little bit empty on covering anything else. Honestly, I think that’s for the best since my time is pretty limited and I have a lot of thinking to do on other, busier matters. Of course, when I’m not attending to said matters, I close in on 100% Persona 5 with every step. I managed to fill the compendium with all but the 3 elusive treasure demons available in the late game that I didn’t even know existed. That and Futaba’s quote farming is going to a bit while Maxing out all Confidants will be assuredly gained.

So close yet so far, I’m not even sure if Futaba’s lines carry over from a previous playthrough. Anyways, let’s just move on to our continued Bloodborne music spotlight, this time with a theme that is actually teased very early on but its true nature is revealed near the end of the game. Lullaby for Mergo is the song that is first heard being played by the music box near Gascoigne’s house and is the same tune that makes Gascoigne recoil. The song is eventually fully heard as the boss fight theme for Mergo’s Wet Nurse, a Great One that watches over the immaterial Great One infant named Mergo who resides within a complex building made specifically to house it built by the School of Mensis. While the boss looks cool as hell, it unfortunately isn’t as exciting as the other bosses.