Music of the Week #292

On track, hopefully

Hero Academia is out and all that’s left is Bahamut, which I would love to get to but actual real life matters are making me far busier than I’d ever imagined. Especially so when I didn’t see an event coming so I apologize if anyone is curious enough to know what I think about Bahamut’s Season 2. I’ll be sure to get through it hopefully before next week hits. I’m glad Hero Academy is one of the longer runs, makes me feel less bad about being 4-5 episodes behind on covering.

We’re moving right along to our Bloodborne selections, this time with one of the other themes that play during a level instead of the usual atmospheric silence the series is known for. After defeating the Blood Starved Beast and unlocking the path to the Church Workshop and the gates to the Grand Cathedral, you run into a new set of enemies carrying bags over their shoulders. Should you anger one of them, their immense amounts of damage they can deal can probably one-shot you. Dying against them the first time however doesn’t send you back to your lamp, but instead they drag your body to somewhere far away. You awake in a cell and hear faint chanting going on outside and as you break out of the cell and head outside, the chanting only gets louder.