Music of the Week #295

Keeping it up

Actually got something out on time so finally some good news to share with. Hilariously enough, it’s just been a few boring days watching my friend beat a game I desperately want to see his reaction for the ending of. On my end, it’s just personal fitness regimens and rushing through Persona 5’s NG+ so I can get Satanael, save-scum for optimal abilities for him and Arsene, and getting all the trophies. Fun stuff when you’re rushing through most fights. Honestly, the only thing holding me down is the my lack of money.

This week’s theme is of the optional boss Ebrietas. After obtaining the Upper Cathedral Ward key in Yahargul and unlocking the door at the top of the Church Workshop reveals the titular Upper Cathedral Ward towering above Yharnam. The foggy mist settle in while you’re greeted to a sight of some slug-like infant. The great tree that grows from the bottom of the Abandoned Workshop rises all the way to the misty bridge that dwarves over the steps leading to the great cathedral. The Upper Cathedral Ward is home to the Choire, the highest ranking members of the church and they presided over the blood administration involving Ebrietas as well as experimenting on orphans. Ebrietas was apparently encountered in the Isz civilization and brought to Yharnam after it was “left behind” by the other Great Ones.

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