Winter 2017 Anime Recap: Week 9

Onihei is dethroned of anime of the week.

Mostly because I found it’s past three episodes so much more satisfying. The season is nearing its end and I’m sad to see it go since this is a season that I genuinely enjoyed, and you don’t really hear me saying that, ever. Next season has the 2nd season of BnHA of which I am really eager to see and guess what? 6 freaking harem series, so let’s reignite that fire again with cynicism and losing more faith in the medium.


Onihei (8): Heizo becomes bedridden and his drinking escapades with Samanosuke has him stuck to his bed for a bit longer. When he finally recovers, Heizo finds his family pipe missing and tells his wife not to speak of his as a successful thievery of on his estate would speak negatively of not only Heizo himself but the Arson Theft Control. Heizo and Sama go to town to drink some more and decide to take a part in the river boat show where Heizo catches a glimpse of the old man rowing the boat, Tamagoro, smoking his family pipe. Kumehachi is called upon to investigate the boat house and finds out that the old man is actually an old compatriot of his back when they were both gang members. Kumehachi is told that Tamagoro got a bit irked at how thieves in the area were so fearful of the prodigious Onihei that he decided to put him down a notch and stole from his residence. With such blatant evidence and proof of Tamagoro’s crime, Kumehachi tells Heizo of this but instead of being vindictive, Heizo is entertained by the idea and devises a little game for Kume and Tamagoro to play, as in, faking Kume’s accomplishment of stealing the family seal from Heizo’s house and challenging Tamagoro to steal it back when the former reenters the residence and returns it, as well as placing the pipe back. The exact events happen and after Heizo’s pipe is returned, he visits the boat house again and enjoys his short ride and invites Tamagoro to drink with him, whereupon he produces his pipe and politely asks for Tamagoro to return his family’s seal. Not as amazing as the previous few episodes I’d say. Heizo and Sama hanging around was entertaining to see but the episode’s impact definitely needed some slight reprisal but it was still a very enjoyable episode.


Masamune (9): Masamune hears that Neko has gone “missing” after his little visit by her maid-butler and the rest of the gang decide to pitch in on finding her. Masamune is left to his own devices in finding her but assists anyway and he coincidentally meets with Aki near the school building after he explains that Neko isn’t familiar enough with the area to have ran off somewhere else. Aki mentions something involving how cruel it must be to have her feelings rejected and Masamune is tempted to just admit to who he really is right there but only manages to mention if she remembers the nick-name Pig’s Foot but before she can reply in any way, a paper air-plane hits Masamune and he investigates the school roof to find Neko who shortly passes out. In the hospital, Neko shares a conversation with Aki before having Masamune enter her room and reveal that she only wanted to experience love and he was just randomly picked from a pile of photos. She alludes at how they were similar in trying to go all in with shallow reasoning and asks if he will end up the same way as her. Masamune is shaken from the prospect and later, Aki reminisces of her past and runs into someone familiar that night. Neko’s arc finally comes to an end and we enter the final portions of the adaptation, of which I’m curious to see where they’ll end it off on. There needs to be more of Aki’s rounded eyes.


Seiren (9): We enter the final girl’s arc with Kyouko taking the main spotlight and her issue with being viewed as just another clumsy underclassmen to Shoichi. In this timeline, Shoichi got top marks on his exams as well as got slightly friendlier with Tooru, so his “relationship” with Tsuneki is still at a somewhat “regular interaction” levels. Kyouko seeks to elevate her womanly image and gains the assistance of two really familiar looking students who invite her to join the Home Economics club to increase her allure. The first session has the trio of girls and Shoichi watching the moon with some traditional clothes mixed in there and Shoichi’s reaction prompts Kyouko to remain with the club. I’ll address the problems I had watching this series and to be perfectly honest, this definitely felt way more in-tune with an Amagami episode compared to the others. Nevermind the fact Shoichi cross-dressed as a kid and Junichi was there to ch


Demi-chan (9): Satou gets told by Ugaki to finally pursue her love life and try to make progress with Takahashi. She is eventually convinced to try and attempt this after wondering how cute his flustered face would look like. Satou enters Takahashi’s room and offers to impart some knowledge and opinions for his research, to which he gladly accepts. The two have an enriching conversation where Satou realizes how much she wants to have a serious relationship with him and one of her attempts to zip herself back up after undressing a bit has her sizable chest get caught and Takahashi is unable to do anything BUT be flustered. Then the transition goes to Kusakabe and the others suffering from the summer haze and Kusakabe tries to manipulate her abilities to try and cool herself off. It’s definitely hitting me at this point where I’m just enjoying seeing the girls just go about their lives and mess around. Satou was the best part of the episode, Ugaki was a hilarious wingman for the job. Also, there was a bunch of funny-eyed shots this episode in particular.

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