Music of the Week #286


As you can tell, the Bleach spotlight is over. Once Ichigo utilized the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his dad to learn his new “final” technique and go a step beyond Aizen. Ichigo loses his powers, the ultimate evil Aizen is defeated, and the series should have ended right there. If only that were the case since the Fullbring Arc takes place next and I actually couldn’t believe that the series was continuing. They went off and decided to explain the basis of Chad and Orihime’s abilities while setting up for the final arc involving the Quincy. Apparently it’s pretty good but my interest in Bleach dropped off a sheer cliff after Ichigo first lost his powers.

So with my entry into the new-gen, I finally got my chance to continue with the Souls-Borne series and now Bloodborne can finally have it’s turn. We start off with the opening theme of the game where we get an ominous menu/load theme to welcome us back into the nightmare. It’s definitely one of the louder and upfront intro themes in the series.