Music of the Week #283



Been rereading some stuff and catching up with Hero Academia and the former point just had me on a huge nostalgia trip this week. This eventually culminated into some nostalgia for the Big Three when “things were better” so I might just dedicate some nostalgia based remembrance musings later on, but I usually save such talks for these kinds of segments anyway.

So where Bleach is involved, I guess this is a good time to start. Opening 7 is probably my favorite opening and of course, has largely to do with Asian Kung Fu Generation being hype as hell. The visuals themselves are not as exciting as previous intros but we all have that one visual of an opening we come back to and the Espadas entering the room and presenting themselves was definitely it for this one. I give a lot of shit on Bleach for its “Mexico Arc” but I can still say without too much regret that it was still somewhat exciting. Exciting exactly because it was the beautifully and diversely designed Espadas that, while cliche in introducing a new evil organization, were still very much their own characters. Much like how the Akatsuki from Naruto were arguably one of the best things about the series before the big reveal, the Espada were the ones to look forward to, even Aizen’s abilities were going to be insane as we predicted. It was probably the lack of Aizen’s bullshit abilities that made this arc more palpable than the Fake Karakura Town because that’s were things REALLY got out of hand.

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