Music of the Week #284

Off we go


The nostalgia train is in full effect since I’ve reread a couple things to prepare for the next season as well as rereading even more series to jog my memory on exactly why I liked a series in the first place. Hell, I even watched the latest Naruto episodes where everyone is wracking their heads to get a gift for Naruto and Hinata, it’s relaxing and unbelievably strange watching. Couple that with having Sleeping Dogs and Trails in the Sky in my backlog and I’ve got myself more things than I realized to do. That’s as far as my explanations for the delay goes.

This week’s Bleach opening marks the entry into the Fake Karakura Town Arc, the real point in the series where the series starts to tank. Whereas the monotonous fights were broken up with getting to specific locations and even some infighting in the Arrancars, the FKT arc features non-stop fighting between the rest of the Court Guard Squad leaders and Aizen’s retinue of his two subordinates along with the Top 3 Espadas with their underlings. That isn’t to say all of it was bad, but how it was handled with Aizen being so laughably strong was what really soured the experience. I never cared for Harribel but Starkk and Barragan’s stories were just fine, the lieutenants getting their chance to shine was fine, Hisagi and Jobmamura’s confrontation with Tousen was fine, the Vizards were fine, even Gin’s conclusion was fine, but all of that led up to Aizen plowing through them all and he himself getting plowed in one shot by Ichigo fresh out of the Hyperbolic Time Gap with his dad.