Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 16- Sniper Rats

By the time this already goes up, Kira’s voice and appearance should be revealed.

I know I’ve said this numerous times during Stardust Crusaders but I really have to hand it to David Productions for being able to turn nearly every segment of the manga chapters into something entertaining, concise, and accurate. If my memory serves correctly, Part 4 is scheduled for around 30-35ish episodes and we’re already around the half-way point to it, and as a avid fan of the series, I doubted that around 30 episodes would be enough. Seeing as how the Nijimura Brothers arc took 3 episodes, my doubts were definitely there. But now that we’re here, with around half left, I’m starting to think it’s pretty possible for Part 4 to end on a decent pacing schedule. More on that later so let’s get to the damn rats already and how David took an already strangely exciting mini-arc and got it done nicely in an episode.

Jotaro cuts right to the chase to Josuke in front of his house to accompany him hunting. Josuke takes this as a proposal to go out looking for dates but Jotaro quickly corrects him by explaining that Otoishi confessed to his crimes and revealed that he experimented with the Bow and Arrow and shot a lone rat who survived the piercing. Jotaro assumes the worst and feels that the rat could do some incredible damage if left alone and proposes that they go and hunt it. The scene quickly shifts to the fields where Jotaro showcases the usage of ball-bearings with their stands to increase their effective range. Josuke is able to get the hang of it and Jotaro warns him that against animals, should Josuke miss his opportunity, the animal will not enter his range again.


After setting a number of traps, the two spot a congealed mass of rat corpses and confirm the stand using rat’s presence near them. The two spot a farmstead with no signs of activity and they approach it to investigate it. With the strangely silent response, they assume the worst and foray deeper into the house. Jotaro walks into a room and Josuke follows, only to double back into the kitchen after he finds the fridge open. Josuke spots an enormous rat feasting on the fridge’s contents. Josuke tries to call Jotaro but notices the rat looking at him and the fridge’s door opens up to reveal the farm owners mutated bodies. Josuke takes the chance to fling a bearing at it and the rat survives the hit and unveils its stand. The Stand fires off a projectile and Josuke makes a decision to use a nearby frying pan to deflect it. Josuke corners the rat and narrowly is able to kill it. Josuke calls out to Jotaro who walks in and reveals that there are actually two rats as the surviving one was able to shoot him and damage his hand. Jotaro gets his hand healed and the two continue their hunt to kill the rat before sundown. For this purpose, Jotaro had prepared live rifle ammunition and is able to trick Josuke’s pride to handle the responsibility in shooting the rat. As they continue to track, they return to their video camera and spot the rat and confirm that it had come in this direction. Jotaro takes the time to note the rat’s strange injury on its ear and dubs the rat as Mushikui. The two walk through a dirty body of water and find Mushikui’s tracks cutting off. The two quickly find cover as they realize they’ve been cornered by the stand using rat.


Josuke’s hand gets caught in a rat trap they previously set up and the Mushkui’s stand is able to land a dart on Josuke’s neck. Jotaro stops time to flick the wound off and he quickly takes the offensive and hands Josuke his set of rifle rounds. Knowing that Crazy Diamond can’t heal Josuke, Jotaro becomes live bait and puts his faith in Josuke to kill Mushikui from afar. Jotaro is able to dodge a few darts before a calculated shot ricochets off a rock behind him and strikes Jotaro’s arm and leg. Jotaro perseveres to give Josuke a good opportunity and Josuke is able to take advantage of Mushikui’s immobility in aiming up its shots. Crazy Diamond fires off a round that narrowly misses but as Mushikui turns its sights toward the shot’s location, it finds Josuke already looking back at him and Josuke is able to land a clean shot.

One thing I will complain about however, even after all the praise at the start, is that they cut out of a lot of Josuke’s character. The Mickey Mouse line, his complaint on his expensive shoes, and references to Toriyama’s Dr. Slump.

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