Music of the Week #257

Gogo Jojo


Been narrowing down but I’ve been wanting to finish for the Summer season with only so many weeks left before it ends. Been mostly busy however with getting things in check and doing some of my own personal projects that I’m debating whether or not I should end up publishing or not. Will think more on that later. Also been getting back on League of Legends to finally master a few more characters before I inevitably take another extended break.

Anyways, this week’s theme is that of Waldstein, the resident grappler and one of the two “inhuman” characters in Under Night. Normally, I don’t find myself playing these types of characters because I always prefer a bit of speed over over-bearing strength. Waldstein is the guardian of Linne who was once a high-ranking member of Licht Kreis, an opposing faction that fought against Yato Clan. Waldstein however defected to the Yato’s side when he was inspired by its leader, Kuon, who happened to be Linne’s brother. Waldsteinn was at some point cursed with the monstrous body that also granted him certain immortality. He along with Linne continued to survive and he assisted her in keeping the voids during the Hollow Night in check and even assisted her in finding a way to end her immortality. This of course takes shape in Hyde and his manifested ability to call out the Insulator and he and Linne have been invading his house ever since to train him.

Waldstein’s EXS is called Hecatoncheir that grants him monstrous strength. He also wears a pair of enormous gauntlets that cover his arms called Destroyers. Gameplay wise, Waldstein is the slowest character in the game and would be near useless if it weren’t for the universal mechanic of “assault”. With this, he can utilize his enormous range to most likely catch you jumping and smash you to the wall and convert into a combo. Zoning needs to be properly done against him as his claws can also just break projectiles apart. His Force Function acts as his only projectile, where he throws a boulder at you. While having a decent pool of moves, it’s all about his grabs, with the most annoying thing being how far his command grabs can reach. He’s quite the annoying one to fight.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 22- Explosion

My faith with David Production has gone far and beyond satisfying my expectations. D.P has seem to have prioritized a majority of good scenes for this episode which more than makes up for how Killer Queen looked up in the far-away shot last week. To make it better, I now see why they tackled Yukako and Cinderella earlier because the conclusion of this episode sent us straight into Sheer Heart Attack, which I can’t wait to see.

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Music of the Week #256

Business begins again


If you thought my progress this season was slow, it’s about to get slower. Since classes are back, I’ll probably more distracted then ever, for better or for worse. Haven’t been really up to anything all that much since I’ve been readjusting my sleep schedules as well as planning everything out for the weeks to come. Always know that Jojo will never not be covered so I guess there’s a reason to keep coming back if those entertain you at all.

We’re moving right ahead to our music of the week and this one in particular, while not featuring a character I don’t play as much, probably holds one of my favorite themes in the game. Linne is the main “heroine” of Under Night and while she looks like a very young girl, she holds the mentality of a 100 year old woman with a curse that transfers her conscious to another body every time she dies. She is the “princess” of the Yato clan, a group of people who protected others during the Hollow Night for generations but the groups have since disbanded. Her brother, Kuon, is at the center of the plot and is responsible for the Hollow Nights that occur but not too much detail is known about that. Feeling guilty over the numerous lives she has ruined thanks to her immortality, Linne has searched far and wide with her servant, Waldstein, to find a certain weapon to end her life permanently. This weapon of course, manifested in Hyde, the boy she saves from a Void. A lot of Hyde’s story intersects with hers as her main goal is to stop the current “villain” Hilda and find a way to end her life. In Hyde’s case, he doesn’t want to fulfill her wishes just yet since he believes she has much to teach him.

Gameplay wise, Linne’s EXS ability is shown through her agility and surely enough, it is named Speed Star. Linne’s playstyle is all about getting in close and not giving breathing room to the opponent as shown by her specials, where her projectiles barely travel 3/4ths of the screen, and the gap closing moves and commands, her specialty being able to double jump. She is also one of those characters with an insane amount of normals that keeps her blockstrings really lengthy, fitting since she carries an enormous blunt longsword and a folding knife. She’s definitely up there in the pro-scene thanks to this and it’s one of the reasons I love Under Night, practically everyone is usable. But let’s get on to one of my favorite themes, cue that damn piano.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 21- The Chase Begins

Although the episode quality has gotten some backlash after the hours the episode came out, I was still very much satisfied with the episode. He’s here folks, our main villain of Part 4, just a highly deranged man with access to a sure-fire way to kill anyone he wants and get away with it. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t end up being a serial killer like this? No doubt someone would be less weird about it but hey, it’s something to consider.

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Music of the Week #255

And on we go


Not much else going on in the week other than that instead of watching more episodes of series I need to catch up with for this season, I just can’t wait for Kira to show up this week and kill Shigechi and start the 2nd half of Part 4. I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time so it would be understatement if I said I was only just excited for it.

We’ve been talking about Under Night for a few weeks now so it’s about high time we actually talked about what it’s about right? Under Night’s plot takes place in a unnamed city that suffers from a phenomena known as Hollow Night that afflicts certain regions of Japan. Hollow Night is signified by red nights where beasts known as Voids roam the streets to feast on energy known as EXS. While regular people cannot see Voids, those who have the potential to perceive them become under target by them. Those attacked by Voids are either devoured or become insane from the encounter but in the rare chance that they person survives and keeps their sanity, they become what is known as an In-Birth, who hold the ability to manipulate EXS. Our main protagonist, Kido Hyde is one such person who survives an encounter with a void and becomes an In-Birth when he is saved by Linne and Waldstein. Hyde’s abilities manifest through his sword, the Insulator, that is able to weaponize streaking red shadows and Hyde’s EXS manipulation is aptly named Void Red. This sword also happens to be a weapon that Linne was searching for. After this incident, Hyde’s home is taken over by Linne and Waldstein who begin to train him in preparation for the next Hollow Night.

Gameplay-wise, Hyde is categorized as a “shoto clone”, which means he has the classic Hadouken and Shoryuken moves as well as some other techniques that round him out as a balanced character. Compared to most protagonist and shoto-clones however, I find Hyde an absolute blast to play. Never mind the fact that his looks and introduction make him out as a generic protagonist from a generic manga or light novel, his gameplay style, moveset, and voice make him one, if not, the most fun main protagonist characters I’ve ever played. Two projectiles, an aerial rekka that can give him a relaunch or OTG, insane corner carry, two follow ups for his projectile, and some of the best normals in the game, Hyde has got a lot of tools under his belt. To top it all off, just look at his move’s names while you listen to his theme:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 20- Fairy Tale

One more week til we shift gears properly to match chase.

In many ways, I can see why they would move this episode ahead of Kira’s formal introduction. There was only one “arc” that separated Kira’s introduction to his actual encounter with the main crew so having this little love-story in between didn’t keep the tension up. It’s honestly a change for the better since it’s another week I won’t have to wait to get to Sheer Heart Attack. It also helps to have Shigechi’s character sink in so there’s that.

Anyway, let’s get to Cinderella.

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Music of the Week #254

Oh well


So as much as I was confident in getting the Summer stuff recapped this week, real life decided to get up in my face. At this point, I’d consider it a bit too late for anything since we’re around the halfway point and I still have a considerable number of stuff to catch up to. So pretty much like any summer season on here, Jojo is the only thing that’s going to be a constant and you can expect some Series review when the time comes.

To be perfectly fair, the only series I was looking forward to was Handa-kun on the pure basis that it was a prequel to Barakamon but not really since it’s only about Handa. Not much other series interest me all that much this season.

This week’s theme is the all important Character Select theme from Under Night: Gathers Under Night, one of my newer favorites in the Character Select theme business. It’s mostly the piano at the start that always gets me going then it’s the usual loop. Under Night’s selection follows what I call the classic “Marvel 2” style where your button inputs decide which alternate color you pick your character in. There’s the Vs theme that plays during the quick loading transition into the game itself but it’s not exactly worth mentioning.