Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 17- The time has come

Our villain has finally arrived, and he’s as strange looking as he did in his first appearance.

There’s not much else to talk about, this ain’t even really an arc, it’s just THE set-up episode to fully brings us into the second half of Part 4. But let’s dive into what makes Part 4 great since with Kira’s very short introduction, we’ll get a lot more focused plot featuring him and the unity of the citizens of Morioh when his treachery strikes close to home.

Koichi runs into Rohan before school and Rohan assures him that he will be of no threat to Koichi and his friends since Josuke’s apparent immunity to Heaven’s Door’s will come down on his door if he ever messed with them again. Rohan states that he’s going sightseeing and wanted to find his old house to gain a sense of nostalgia since as a mangaka, he would need some good material. Koichi tries to get away but Rohan convinces him otherwise against his will to follow along but truly gets his attention when Rohan notes something with the town’s map. According to the town’s map, both in public billboard style and paper variants, there is the restaurant lined next to the drugstore, and then the convenience store. However in actuality, the two find a gap between the drugstore and convenience store with a back-alley road. With their interests piqued, the duo head through.

Heaven's Door

As the two continue through the mysterious back alley, they soon notice that they’ve been constantly passing by the same houses. Rohan surmises it’s the work of an enemy Stand and asks Koichi to send Echoes into the sky to see if anything is up. Koichi does so but is instantly frightened as he states that he felt something or someone up there when he checked. Suddenly, they chance upon a girl and Rohan immediately activates Heaven’s Door and unlocks her information. Rohan assures their safety but pries into some of her personal information and on Koichi’s complaining, sets everything back to normal. The girl offers to lead them back out and they have no choice but to follow. During said sequence, the girl and Rohan get into a slight bout and soon enough, the girl shares a scary story of a how a girl and her family were murdered by a serial killer. While she laughs it off at their apparent fear and holds the story as payback for Rohan, it turns out that the murdered dog and girl is actually her and the duo quickly try to run away from her. The girl states however that she’s not a malignant spirit and explains that she and her dog Arnold are trapped in the area, which happens to be the space between the world of the living and the dead and she states that the killer who murdered her still lives in Morioh and hasn’t been caught in the last 15 years. The girl admits that she does not want them to exactly solve an unresolved murder case but only wanted to tell someone of her fate and how she still sees the souls of the deceased specifically killed by him pass by her and she would like to bring him to justice.


With that over with, the girl, with her name being Sugimoto Reimi shows them the path out and warns them not to turn back at a certain point and to keep moving forward no matter what. The duo do as they’re told but feel something creeping up their backs but they continue without turning around. Koichi hears Reimi’s voice telling him it’s fine to turn around but as he does, Reimi warns him that the voice just now wasn’t hers and an enormous number of ghostly, disembodied hands come out to grab Koichi. Rohan quickly writes that Koichi cannot see and is propelled forward onto him and the duo escape the alley, with Reimi appearing before them and stating that she’ll remain here by the street corner if they needed to talk to her again. A few days later, Rohan investigates Reimi’s grave and an old man recognizes Rohan and reveals to him that the night Reimi died, Rohan was present as a young boy who was being babysat at her house and that Reimi was able to get Rohan out of the house while she was murdered. Rohan becomes serious in his endeavor to track the killer and on the other end of town, Koichi shares his story with Josuke and almost gets run over by a car as he stumbled on the road.

Driving the car is none other than our Part villain, Kira Yoshikage. Who we will no doubt be seeing again very soon.

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