Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 7- Repeat

It’s kind of sad to see how such simplistic fights take place in a series called Blade Dance. Then again, this series is all about the girls instead of actual fighting. Strange to see IS and DAL pull off more action sequences than this.

Anyways, the episode features harem antics, slight interactions with Fianna, and some weak fighting.

Fianna awakens and after yet another disturbance with Claire has Kamito and Fianna continue their conversation out in the woods while Claire laments her chest size. Rinslets helps deal with that and offers a secret to healthy growth in exchange for her being allowed to tag along the mission. Kamito’s conversation with Fianna has her remind him of the girl he saved a few years back but no big reactions from that other than Fianna revealing that she wants to use his skills to win the Blade Dance by joining his team and restoring her name (just like every other character in this particular series). She expects him to be a bit mad but Kamito is unfazed by yet another selfish girl in his midst. Ellis shows up to investigate what two people are doing out in the woods but jokes aside, she mentions that she and her knights are to be dispatched to go hunt down the intruder from last time.

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The crew reach the mountains and have a brief quip about Fianna not preparing her contracted spirit. If the episode prologue was anything to go by, she got wrecked so hard that the spirit just vanished. Fianna identifies a ceremonial shrine beneath the caves but concludes that it is a decoy and says that might be another shrine deeper within the caves. Rumbling suggests a fight is going on and we join Ellis getting wrecked.

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Jio Inzagi is at it again and the full crew is unable to take him on. Kamito is able to fight him toe to toe but soon Est grows weaker after exerting too much power. Jio hurls a spear at Fianna and Ellis and Kamito tries to cover them and then cut to flash of light.

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