Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 22- The Fire Rises

He’s back

And he’s black.

Well with that pun I’ve been wanting to say for the longest time, let’s get on with it as we conclude the penultimate fight arc before the seasonal break

Polnareff is reminded by Judgement that his third wish will now take place, the resurrection of Avdol. While Sherry has given him enough trauma of having the beloved memory of sister bite off part of his leg, Avdol will just seal the deal with his torment. Much to Polnareff’s surprise, Avdol has risen with the same look as Sherry and the two begin to chow down on Polnareff. Stricken with grief, fear, and regret Polnareff decides that it is fitting for him to meet his end this way and accepts his slow death by getting chewed upon by the mud zombies.

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Polnareff says his mental farewells and notes that now he sees two Avdols. He laughs in his hallucination from blood loss but he then finally sees that the other Avdol is in fact real. Avdol is back in the journey and before he engages upon the mud zombies notes that Polnareff has not yet changed a bit. Avdol destroys his impostor and blows up Sherry in half and lets Polnareff finish her off to get let himself rid the image of his sister away. Judgement however still stands and Avdol’s attacks are countered and Polnareff is too injured to help.

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Avdol is pushed back but quickly recovers and reengages Judgement and ends up breaking the latter’s left hand. Avdol then explains to both listeners that he actually did not die back in India. When the Hanged Man stabbed him in the back, Avdol’s head jerked upwards and the bullet managed to graze his forehead. While not fatal, it knocked him out for quite a while and he reveals he came to the island 3 days ago. The rest of the crew sans Polnareff was aware of this and chose not to tell him because of his running mouth and the chance that Avdol’s recovery might be compromised.

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Avdol gives a painful combo to Judgement and Cameo recalls his stand. Avdol and Polnareff then focus on finding the user. Since Judgement was both fast and powerful, they deduce that the user has to be somewhere nearby. The two then locate a small bamboo pipe sticking out of the ground and the two decide to punish Cameo for bringing up some bad memories for Polnareff. The ultimate punishment is topped off by Polnareff and Avdol pissing down the pipe and Cameo reveals himself and gets his ass burnt.

Polnareff is given all the details of Avdol’s recovery and basically everything I said before. Polnareff is saddened but Joseph tells everyone that the reason Avdol was also disguised was so that they could make a rather large purchase. That turns out to be an enormous (yellow) submarine.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Sweet Ride


Just two more folks, then the fun really begins.


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