Sword Art Online II Episode 9- I could have sworn I heard Naruto play

That fade to black at the end.

How naive of anyone to think ANYONE that is related to Kirito that isn’t Sachi is doing to die by any means of the imagination. I can pretty much predict that it’s Kirito who shot Death Gun or some shit and we’ll see exactly how this turns out next week.

My god does the production company love showing off Sinon’s ass. Did we really need Miyuki Sawashiro voice her?

The Harem and irrelevant Klein watch the Ballet of Bullets (which is what its actually called so shame on you subbers) and witness Pale Rider getting his game on and also getting his game turned off when Death Gun drops by and says hello with a nice bullet waiting for him. The girls without their idol Kirito shudder in fear of Death Gun and a phrase he says afterwards clicks something by Klein and Asuna when the former recognizes a catchphrase the Laughing Coffin leader used to say and deduce in a few quick seconds that Death Gun is not a safe person to be around.

SAO II- Groupies

We rejoin Sinon and Kirito and the former takes the shot after the latter’s insistence and Death Gun dodges it and leaves. The two trade a few more formalities and Kirito more or less gives away that he has killed people like Death Gun has in SAO. Sinon gets some empathy and the two decides to partner up and eliminate Death Gun for everyone’s safety. The first thing though is that not too many people are going to believe their claim and they’re already in hostile territory since this is a competition. Either way, Kirito gives chase and Sinon decides to follow to keep him alive so she can fight Kirito later on.

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The two are able to eliminate the foolish single player who dare challenge the main characters of the series and the two make it deeper into the city stage. We also have Asuna finally do something and log out of the game to check on Kirito’s employer for more info on GGO. Kirito and Sinon also try to identify Death Gun’s username since Death Gun is somewhat for show. Pale Rider wasn’t him and the two newcomers left are Sterben and Gunner X. Gunner X (in Japanese) sounds like Death Gun but they decide to take action instead of sitting around. Sinon identifies Death Gun near the stadium and Kirito gives chase while Sinon follows him after 30 seconds.

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Then Sinon gets hit by a stun bullet and is approached by Dessu Gan himself. After telling Kirito to channel his inner Raging Raven and challenge him. Death Gun aims his gun and Sinon recognizes the pistol as the same one she used to kill her attacker. Screen fades to black and a gunshot is heard.

But as if anyone is going to die in this series.

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