Space Dandy 2 Episode 8- Dandy/Extra CCC

You can already tell classes are taking their toll on me. Since I commute now, delays will be a bit more noticeable. Either way, this week will be easy on me since it’s the beginning weeks and everything is falling into place.

This week’s episode was weird as all hell and the music was unexpectedly glorious for the setting we were in. I was partly confused while writing this but I still found it a very enjoyable and exotic episode.

Dandy wakes up in the most bizarre looking planet we have encountered thus far and QT and Meow are nowhere in sight. Dandy’s hair is also not made to his glorious pomp and he wears rags as he navigates this mysterious world while finding a mysterious cube in his pocket. He runs into a girl and chases after her but his attempts become futile after a while. First things first for Dandy though, he must find food and his quest leads him to meet a rather large cat like creature who becomes his companion, protecting him from the weird creatures in the sky and attempting to show some stuff to eat.

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Dandy encounters a strange looking female alien ontop of a pole and she is surprised that he is able to hear her songs. As the song’s tempo increases, stranger beings start chasing Dandy and he is cornered to what it seems like a well. Dandy realizes only he has a reflection and screams that everyone else is a ghost. Dandy is taken a away but he then wakes up again and is more or less told that he is dead. The cube from before shoots light into his head that reveal that the Dandy crew went to the planet of Limbo to find an exceedingly rare alien. The alien explains that the cube shows the circumstances of one’s death and Dandy comes to the realization but does not wish to accept it.

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With more weird happenings, Dandy meets the girl from the beginning again and is told that heif he wishes go to back, it is possible. She explains that this particular location is between the dead and those who are alive. She explains that she is the only living thing on the planet as she is the planet itself. Apparently the planet Limbo had living beings but their technology and advancement ended up in war and she felt lonely for a long time. When Dandy was pulled in here she thought her loneliness would subside but she realizes that he’s seriously dead too. However, Dandy begins to multiply and the girl says that she can return him in a dimension where he survived the encounter to the planet of Limbo, at the cost of all the souls on the planet. Dandy asks why she is doing this and she responds to saying that she loves him.

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Dandy is alive and asleep back on the Aloha Oe while another Dandy comes back to Limbo to stay with the girl.

So I guess one Dandy returned while another came back to stay with his newly beloved. Why does Dandy keep meeting this girls who will never come back? I definitely want to see Limbo girl again, as well as Johnny from last week. Great episode with exotic visuals mirroring the planet episode of Season 1 while having at least two new tracks playing.

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