Mini-Sword Art Online II Episode 8- Ballet or Bullet?

The Bullet of Bullets begins.

Honestly I thought it as Ballet of Bullets because that sounds a lot better and fitting but apparently the subs and the characters refer the event as the former. Oh well. Other than Kirito having more trap moments, the episode featured light action while the fun stuff happened in the last 3 minutes.

I was spoiled of the GGO arc around 2 weeks ago and I have to say that while it isn’t as stupid as the later half of SAO and the entirety of ALO, it’s still pretty silly.

Mini again because dialogue and understandable (yet repetitive) exposition really take away from me writing stuff.

The first half of the episode details Kirito’s inexperienced mindset asking Sinon some final questions before the final match begins. To make it simple, the BoB final match is a 30-man free for all and the last man standing is the victor. To make it fair for all players, the map is big enough to have all types of environments to not give too many benefits to certain builds. Sinon is irritated being near Kirito in the first place and with his questions answered she gets up and prepares to leave but Kirito stops her for one more question. He asks her if she recognizes any new faces competing this time around and she hears the fear in his voice and decides to throw him a bone. So it seems after Kirito slightly reveals what he has done, Sinon levels with him but still wishes to settle their score.

SAO II- Radar

Anyways, other than prepping the game finally begins. Right off the bat, 9 people are defeated and the game goes into a sequence of chases. We follow Sinon’s POV as she goes around hunting down targets already involved in a 1 vs 1 fight. She demonstrates the radar for us and decides to hunt down the nearest pair fighting. She is unable to locate Kirito though.

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The fighting pair in question race through a forest and reach a bridge to cross into the city territory. The one being chased sets up position at the other end of the bridge and Sinon closes in. Kirito of all people jump behind her and tells her not to shoot. She attempts to fight back but Kirito pleads her to observe and shoot them later and he wishes to confirm something. The player chasing the one that set up near the bridge approaches and his light armor allows some flashy maneuvers to get close. Suffice to say, the acrobatic player wins flawlessly but is then shot by a stun bullet.

SAO II- Death Gun

Death Gun appears out of the supports of the bridge and approaches the stunned acrobat player. Death Gun’s main weapon is noticed by Sinon that mentions his rifle is something extremely rare ingame. Either way, Death Gun pulls out his pistol and make a few signs in the air before shooting and Kirito begs Sinon to take the shot at him.

I won’t lie, I kinda want to know what happens next.

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