Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 21- No substitutions, exchanges, or refunds

We’re around 2-3 episode away from the seasonal break we’re going to get.

Anyways, it’s once again a set up episode for the conclusion at the second part but it did get emotional by the end.

Either way, all hell is going to break loose next week.

The Joestar crew continue on their journey to Egypt by boat but stop by a remote island on the Red Sea. The crew questions to why they have stopped by Joseph states that he has business to settle here with a certain man. Jotaro notices someone watching and they follow him to a small house with a chicken coop. The crew recognize the backside of the man and are surprised as they see that it resembles Avdol but Joseph tells them to quiet down and let him do the talking. Joseph approaches the man and tells him his name but the man yells that no good news ever reaches here and tells them to leave.

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Joseph reveals that the man is Avdol’s father. He has given up on society as a hole and lives a comfortable live away from others in his own little world. Joseph and crew think about the implications of the situation and how indeed that the news they bear is not good at all. Polnareff sulks in his regrets and goes off on his own for some soul searching.

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Polnareff finds himself an old lamp and tries to see if its worth anything and cleans it off its barnacles. Out from the lamp comes out a genie looking being who Polnareff is visibly concerned about. The being reveals itself as Cameo and allows Polnareff to ask for 3 wishes. Polnareff doesn’t buy it but tells the being if he wishes to prove that he’s not completely a scam, he would be able to make Polnareff extremely rich. The being unleashes a flash of light and Polnareff finds that he has disappeared. Polnareff throws the lamp into the field but hears metal clanging and to his surprise he finds a pile of gold and treasure.

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The being then asks Polnareff’s next wish. Polnareff cycles around some wishes but ultimately asks if the being can resurrect the dead. The latter asks if the answer to the question is his next wish and Polnareff wishes that his sister Sherry and and his friend Avdol to be brought back. Soon enough, Polnareff hears a woman crying out in the fields and he chases after the voice. Polnareff really finds that Sherry is back alive and is brought to tears in happiness.

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However, all is not what it seems as Sherry attacks Polnareff and screams that in order for her to be restored, she will need to feed on Polnaref’s flesh. The being then confirms that he is indeed a Stand and that his designated Tarot is Judgement. His power is using the earth to formulate the wishes of others but he is unable to undo what he has brought back. Polnareff realizes that he will have to fight Sherry but remembers that he had wished for Avdol to return as well.

Of course, the real surprise comes next episode.

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