Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 16- Magic Stand Bus

Well I guess I have to wait a week before the famous scene comes up.

I don’t particularly remember Steely Dan’s fight being long enough to be a two-parter but the episode has convinced me otherwise. Looks like they really did need two episodes to get it done. I believe around 3-4 Tarot Stand users are left before we arrive at Egypt a little over a month’s time since there is definitely going to be two-parter fights again before we get to Egypt.

With that said, let’s cover the rather short episode of Steely Dan and the Lovers.

The crew arrive in Karachi, Pakistan after acquiring transport in form of a carriage. They decide to rest for a bit before continuing on and Joseph approaches a kebab place to buy some food. Joseph’s bullshitting tendencies prove to be somewhat of use as he haggles the food for less than half the price, while the vendor laughs at how he sold them for 4 times more he usually sells them.

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Joseph returns with food but is exclaims over Enya’s awakening and she seems to recognize someone in their vicinity as an ally. She questions why someone would be sent after her specifically as DIO trusts her the most. The enemy turns out to be the vendor and he takes off the glasses and hood and reveals himself as Steely Dan, wielder of the Stand that suggests the card of the Lovers. Enya then erupts with tentacles from a flesh bud that DIO had unknowingly planted on her head. She screams in despair as she thought DIO would trust her of all people. The crew is conflicted to see the hopes of an old woman be crushed in front of her and Joseph takes this chance to ask her if she will reveal what DIO’s Stand is now that she knows how he sees her. Even in death, she refuses to give in to the crew and dies.

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Steely Dan laughs this off and taunts the crew and in the midst of his explanation, Jotaro punches Dan right in the chest and sends him flying. Joseph however flies back and Dan gets irritated but nonetheless finishes his explanation that his Stand Lovers has entered Joseph’s head and has tampered with the nerves. If any harm comes to Dan, the pain will be dealt in amplified proportions on Joseph. Dan demonstrates by paying a kid to hit his leg with a broom and Joseph screams in pain.

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Jotaro is held back by his own team a few times from tearing Dan in half but Joseph and Kakyoin decide to find an alternate solution to this and begin to run away. Polnareff follows suit while Jotaro stays behind to make sure Dan doesn’t do anything to hurt Joseph. Dan thinks this is simply a fool’s plan as he assumes Joseph and co. are running away from Dan and the Lover’s effective range. Joseph however was planning on getting to an electronics store to access a TV and find what’s really up with his head.

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Turns out the Lovers really is there and Kakyoin decides to pull a Stand mechanic that will never be used again. Concentrating enough of their willpower, Polnareff and Kakyoin are able to shrink their Stands and enter Joseph’s brain to deal with the Lovers head on. On the other side of town, Dan makes Jotaro become a human bridge over a large drain.

It was longer than I remembered but the end will make up for Dan’s dickish attitude. Prepare for ORA ORA ORA ORA

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