Remembering Love: Yamaguchi-The Afro bearing Savior of Comedy-

Before you punch me a fast one, no this is not the Yamaguchi we’re talking about, but nonetheless  a moment of silence to him (even though I despised Louise).

We continue to trek through the halls of Cromartie Highschool, but today, we’ll take a breather and discuss one of many rival schools the badasses of Cromartie High attract. Armed with a stylish afro, sunglasses, and an unparalleled sense of comedy, we dive into the mind and situation of Destrade High’s Noboru Yamaguchi.

A genius within a society of idiots, his passion mistaken as something he despises. A comedic genius who sees potential in every action.

The most prominently featured non-Cromartie high schooler in the series brings us to Yamaguchi. He is decribed to be a leader of a biker gang and also being the boss of the school’s first years.  With praise and leadership, Yamaguchi leads his fellow brothers against their rival schools.

However, Yamaguchi has one secret that he has not told anyone else: He’s a humongous connoisseur for the formal comedic arts. So with all the gazes of admiration and expectance from his fellow badasses, Yamaguchi realizes that if he told everyone about his comedy dream, he would lose his position as the boss. As his less intelligent and (less) comically gifted subordinates discuss their plans to destroy their Cromartie rivals, the 2nd in command Ishikawa tells a crude joke to his comrades.

This is what happens
This is what usually happens

Because of Ishikawa’s low brow comedy, Yamaguchi’s repeated expressions of violence against such jokes has formed a notion amongst the first years that he hates jokes. With this cycle of violence leading to assumptions, Yamaguchi has made himself quite the violent image for himself. He finally considers giving up his position as the boss when he thinks of a clever joke to say in the not-so progressive meeting. Ishikawa gets up and says the exact joke he comes up with and Yamaguchi of course beats the hell out of him for it.

WRL Yamaguchi's 'fro

Yamaguchi then shows up with his boys to a local cafe and reveals to us his hobby of sending in jokes to radio shows to be read on air. Whilst his comrades crave some anger, they see the angry Yamaguchi and are further inspired to bust some heads. In reality though, Yamaguchi is angry because of another post-card comedian that has his jokes read more often, Honey Boy is none other than the Cromartie guys sitting behind him (our main man Kamiyama).

Yamaguchi’s comedy is presented a frequent intervals through out the hilarious journey through Cromartie high. With complete stupidity mistaken for comedic genius, Yamaguchi’s interpretations of the world and its inhabitant’s action is just one large stage with man as its actors. With his dumbass subordinate and foil Ishikawa along with him, Yamaguchi’s wishes to spread comedy will only be met with clueless opposition by his underling.

Kamiyama is also clueless about how Yamaguchi praises him as an equal in the comedy business. Even Hayashida is given praise during a not-so easily explainable quiz show they partake in. Yamaguchi is only set on making people laugh and after (punching Ishikawa for getting an answer right) he sees Hayashida answers questions with “I don’t know” or “Can I answer the previous question”, Yamaguchi pressures himself to think of a good finale. He formulates that a wrong answer is the best choice, but he’s horrified when he founds that an explicable groan from him turns out to be the correct answer.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This dub freakin rocks.

I’m in a rush and I’m sorry if I made this post a bit hard to understand, gotta go study bye

WRL My head

15 thoughts on “Remembering Love: Yamaguchi-The Afro bearing Savior of Comedy-”

      1. I recommend the english dub for the series. The humor plays out well with the laid-back but fitting english voices (they don’t try to stress the names either, unlike some dubs)

      2. I will keep that recommendation in mind. Not all English dubs are bad. It’s just very few of them are legitimately good.

      3. Mmm, I wouldn’t mind some JRPG right now (i’ve been playing the same game for around a year right now)…preferably one with lots of females.

      4. Other than the Neptunia series, some Atelier titles and Mugen Souls, I do not know that many JRPGs with lots of female characters right now…unless you’re looking for het harem themed ones…which I am the wrong person to ask about that.

      5. It’s an original story but I doubt we’ll get to see Kana Hanazawa give us raging otaku boners as Plutia and Iris Heart, if that’s why you’re asking.

      6. It’ll probably reference the first and second games in some form or the other. I have no idea what they’re going to do with the story of the anime. So yeah, I have no idea who else will show up other than the CPUs, the CPU Candidates, IF and Compa.

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