Hataraku Maou-Sama! Review

Our series of burger-flipping, dish sliding, and customer gretting demon lord comes to a close

Hataraku Maou Sama wasn’t actually on my short preview posts because I overlooked it while looking at other series. Ironically, I called this season “pretty weak” but I take back those words because this season actually turned out to be one of the best (for me). I recognized the four covered series with the aspects of Action (Shingeki no Kyojin), Comedy (This), Romance (Oregairu in some cases), and Harem (Date A Live). I have two more series, but these 4 were what made the season for me.

There are three more series that will be reviewed and Date A Live already got its review (plus a second season), so let’s dive right into the comedic title for this season with Hataraku Maou Sama

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Music of the Week #91

A slew of posts incoming

Music 8

The Spring Season comes to an end this week and I will have four series reviews done by next week. Summer seems to be more stacked with series than I thought so I guess tryouts are going to be extra hard this year. In any case, look out for those. Shingeki no Kyojin will recieve a Midpoint Mini-review post after this weeks episode.

On actually related news, Date A Live has the most views in the entire anime category on this site. How fitting is this next piece of news as after a week following its finale, the second season has been announced (and apparently, the second season was teasted by the author during the airing). The teaser is on Youtube and it previews events that are very up to date with the light novels. The first season went from 1-4, and it seems like we’ll be going from 5-7 (if 8 gets released, it will probably be included as well). That’s a good thing for me since I just finished Volume 5 and 6 doesn’t seem to be nearing translation anytime soon.

I forgot that I had one more Fate/Extra OST piece to share with everyone. This is the ending theme once the depressing final battle occurs and your character gets his/her wish granted by the Grail. It’s a tranquil piece of work as the credits slowly move down as the camera pans to beneath the Arena’s Lunar Sea.

Many things to come so come back soon

Oregairu Episode 11-12

I think this might turn out to be my favorite series of the season. Shingeki no Kyojin’s 2-3 episodes of exposition made it lag in my opinion and these episodes for Oregairu were just great.

I cannot WAIT to fully talk about this season’s shows.

Anyway, Wednesday will have its obligatory Music + Announcement post so I’ll cover what I need to then. So let’s head right into Episode 11 and 12 0f Oregairu

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Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 11-12

The subplot that started a few episodes finally surfaces and who else is more suspicious that our very own Team Rocket James Rival store owner.¬†With Episode 11 having very few content for me to actually cover, I decided to bundle 12 with it since 13 will be the last episode. The fighting isn’t as good as the big fight that happened before but it definitely was a lot funnier.

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Galaxy Angel: Fortunes

Forging on ahead.

I apologize firstly for being late and second for the “detached” feel of my coverage so far. Galaxy Angel has the awkward no alt-tabbing thing going so I cannot get the pictures I want to actively keep up with the game’s coverage as much as I want to. So far, I’ve been relentlessly saving and loading in order to get pictures. It’s been hell because in Chapter 2 because I wanted to show all the rooms. Anyways, I promise it will get better and once I get locked into a route, I’ll try to get more pics.

We leave the bridge yet again to go have fun. Because screw work
We leave the bridge yet again to go have fun. Because screw work

So with that, let’s continue on!

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Date A Live Review

The weakest link in my Spring Season comes to a close

Compared to Oregairu’s interesting male lead, Hataraku Maou Sama’s comedy, and Shingeki no Kyojin’s actions, Date A Live is comparably the weaker series. The premise sounds something similar to Sekire mixed with TWGOK. You have your multi-dating sprees with a considerably less impressive protagonist with some massive accomplishments ending each conquest with a kiss. You might remember me saying that I only watched it because of Tsunako’s artwork in the Light novels, and that’s pretty much why I kept with it. Actually no wait, one more reason: They never fully translated Volume 4 (where we ended) so I’m at least content with that.

Since I was horribly lazy, there’s gifs instead of pictures.

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Music of the Week #90

Woah, WordPress got itself a layout change. I’m digging the black color scheme.

Music 8

As usual I’m pretty late with some updates because of some actual internal disorder within my family ranks, but that’s not importan at the moment. Spring is nearing its end and I will be sad to see some really enjoyable series go. Date A Live Review only needs its pictures and Maou + Oregairu still needs its weekly stuff from last week. It will most likely get itself a recap and then a Series review but if things turn out for the worse, series review only. There are two other series getting a series review so look out for those.

Haven’t made a Galaxy Angel update but I have been able to get ahead of it and keep track of my gameplay, so I just need to polish up the writing and add the pictures. My buddies haven’t been able to show up so no Zelda marathon just yet.

Expect Galaxy Angel, Series Reviews, Recap Posts, and the new Summer season in the coming weeks.

This week’s music concludes our Fate Extra Soundtrack selection with my favorite theme, School #. It plays during the last 1-2 weeks you have in hte Holy Grail War and the lonliness of the school is accompanied by some amazing saxophone play with the nice piano in the beginning. Enjoy