Music of the Week #84

Blarg, works piling up again

Music 8

This week and half of next week is the busiest time of the year for me and you can already see how Week 5 episodic posts are getting delayed. I finished writing up Maou and about to get started writing up Oregairu. I guess I’ll just release them on the fly with pictures added after my exams are over. So I guess it’s another double episode coverage. I can safely say that once those exams are over, I’ll be pretty much up to date with my stuff. I’ve taken a look at the summer anime line up too and…it’s pretty disappointing.

Anyways, I plan a DotA 2 and LoL centered post and the latter being more fanservice-y compared to the former. Got a lot of videogame based activies in my summer too. I plan on playing LoL a bit with my friend (playing all female champs), amassing some current-gen fighting games (once again, for the female fighters), and a collective Zelda marathon (playing all the Zelda games I have in my collection, Link’s Adventure does not count because it’s hard as balls).

ACEN is hilariously taking place after my exams so I’ll be ready to be completely unproductive in the days following my exams. I’m looking to buy myself a figure or two and hunt down a copy of Fate Extra CCC.

Speaking of Fate Extra, I got my PSP back from my friend and started up Archer’s playthrough. This time though, I’ve been paying more attention to the Arena enemies, backgrounds, and the passages they give you when you enter. I plan on making a small post for that just because I think the background ambiance in Extra is way too underlooked.

So in this week’s Fate Extra OST, it will the theme that plays after you defeat another Servant-Master pair at the end of each week. People really do show how they really are before they die and in Extra, a lot of the masters usually have something good to say, if not them, their servant does.