Date A Live Episode 6

A curious break from the regular light novel path. I’m guessing they are trying to save up for the last Spirit that the anime will showcase while curiously they only cared for Tohka for 3 episodes and Yoshino for 2. I can only imagine that they’re gonna pull off…but as long as they don’t give an anime-exclusive end, I will be…quenched…

It’s quite the short post and the pics are low-res but hey, hopefully next week, we’ll go back to the regular formula

Date A Live Pedo Kannazuki

So instead of the usual spirit hunt, the two spirits we already familiarized ourselves with wish to go to a hot springs. Kotori goes over this with her subordinate Kannazuki who gets himself stuck with digging a hole as punishment for his pedo-like habits. Elsewhere, the rather brutal but still feminine AST’s also are trying to get some down time at a hot springs. Tobiichi is against relaxation when there is killing to be done but Shidou’s call and overhearing Tohka mention the hot springs angrily puts her on board for the outing.

Girls will be girls
Girls will be girls

Reine, Tohka, Yoshino, and Shidou embark on their trip for their onsen and Shidou is only able to give attention to Yoshino due the car seat arrangement. Tohka gets jealous enough to stomp the floor and break the road. The damage is sent underground where the AST’s bullet train gets road blocked. The AST girls surface from underground to make the trip on foot. The HQ bridge on the Fraxinus, now replacing the currently on the field Kotori act to try and stop the AST from interfering with Shidou’s party.

Date A Live Tohka Date A Live Yoshino Crying 1 Date A Live Yoshino Crying 2

An entire section of the town converts itself into a military zone as seeminlgy harmless everyday objects prove a significant roadblock to the AST. While all the chaos is going on, Shidou’s group, also on foot, encounter Kotori. Kotori personally doesn’t mind joining them on their trip but the situation calls for her assistance and she advises Shidou and his group to go on ahead. The AST decide to unleash their weapons on the warring opposition and a blast catches our faraway party that blasts Yoshinon away from the group. Yoshino starts crying and starts freezing the city and Shidou embarks to find the puppet to stop the problem. Of course, once he does find the puppet, a missile gets deflected towards him but Tohka steps in and warps him out.

The AST however stake their claim at the onsen first and our crew is unable to get their share of the onsen. Dio Kannazuki who got back from digging his hole calls Kotori informing her that he struck an onsen himself and the rest is obvious

At least she showed up, good signs
At least she showed up, good signs

I honestly felt that they should have just started Kurumi’s arc because that alone is a substantial amount of stuff to cover. Episode didn’t sit too well with me mostly because of the fact that the comedy shown in the anime is…a bit inferior to how they do it in the light novel. Taking that into consideration, an anime only joke didn’t really strike me as humorous at all. Short thoughts on a rather uneventful episode.

2 thoughts on “Date A Live Episode 6”

  1. Hey Hippie. Long time no see. I see you’re on Twitter now, and I followed you. Follow back ya jerk 😛 Anyways, my apologies for not responding to one of your comments you made a while back (think it was on a Charlotte post). Been busy 😛

    But yeah, I need to watch this show. It seems like my type. I haven’t watched any anime except old shows (2011-2012) released on blu-ray by Funimation and such.

    Also, I really enjoy the new site look. When did you change it? And as long as you still like writing, keep it up (I also recall somewhere about the urge to keep blogging…forgot where I read that post though). You’re always welcome to make guest posts on my site XD. Also also, you going to Anime Central this year?

    1. Judge good buddy, how ya been?
      Twitter was to get myself in the loop within the aniblog community, and sorry I forgot to follow you (hell you have more followers than I do, don’t complain xD )

      I was busy enough to not even check if you commented, well at least it got to you
      Date A Live is alright, I definitely recommend the light novel over it but, it’s a decent adaptation
      I think that post was Justin’s 2 Year Lookback on his site, kinda fired me up to do some changes and make this site more streamlined. Guest posts eh? I could use some collab work once ACEN is over, I have to catch with weekly stuff and a lot of videogame posts I’ve been neglecting. Justin’s Remember Love project is also taking some time off my sundays (well not really)

      Me and my friends have been looking foward to going to ACEN all year, hellz yeah we’re gonna be there. I’m (regrettably for my wallet) figure hunting nowadays

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