Hataraku Maou Sama Episode 3-4

So I was thinking, What am I going to do with the three series I’m also following but have not gotten write ups (the “not worth the write up section”)? Well I thought for a bit and just decided to post those 3 series in a smal column beneath Oregairu or Shingeki no Kyojin. Probably the former because of Kyojin’s atmosophere not jiving with those light hearted series.

Emilia wins in the facial expressions department this season
Emilia wins in the facial expressions department this season

Okay well, the above picture doesn’t picture that too well and I didn’t get her pouting face from before.

Well enough with that, let’s get with these episodes

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Date A Live Episode 4-5

Seeing as though how I’m covering the stuff from two weeks ago coupled with the stuff from last week, I decided that instead of just compiling it all in one post that will predictably move me back another week, I decided to just tackle the episodes and post them seperately.

So in the future, if I’m up to schedule, I will be using the Weekly Recap format, and as shown here: this will be the regular episodic style.

Genius plan no?
Genius plan no?

In this case, I was able to finish Date A Live a lot quicker than the rest. The reason behind that being Date A Live’s rushed nature. To be honest, DAL right here happens to the very few times I actually read the light novel before watching the anime (thats how far my love goes to Tsunako) and from that experience, I can say that the light novel is far superior than the anime (which honestly is not “too” much). The key point is of course the term “rushed” and the anime adaptation is without a doubt extremely rushed. From the looks of it though, I feel like we’re only going to get to the 3rd or the 4th spirit. Light novel adaptations tend to be less likely given an anime-original (usually bullshit) ending so at the very least, I can say I’ll be curious to see how they pull this one off.

Anyways, let’s move on shall we?

The Pictures for episode 5 are absolute shit in quality so they will be uploaded at a later time.

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Music of the Week #82

Boy am I late

Music 8

Well, the past 5 days have probably been the busiest one of the year, and I’m going to be working on all the late stuff today so hopefully I can get something done. I have pictures to upload and then more posts to write. Been listening to the openings of the animes I’m watching. Oregairu’s instrumentals in the beginning got me hooked, Shingeki no Kyojin’s is epic as hell and is becoming a meme, Maou sama is getting lazy, and Date A Live is meh.

Other than that, not much else to talk about here. Nothing new’s been going on so let’s just get the music out and continue on

This time it’s Fate/Extra’s 1st boss battle theme, it’s pretty calming but the intensity of moment was pretty heavy in the game when you’re about to get someone deleted.

Spring Anime Recap 1-3

First batch of testings are done and one more await me in a month or two Anyways, I will provide pictures later and will update as I go but for now, it’s just text.

Hmmm I wonder if I should just do episodic reviews to avoid walls and walls of text..It’s just copypasta-ing stuff to seperate posts so…

I’ll give that some thought:

Date A Live Reine

Pictures added

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Music of the Week #81

Weeks behind, but what do you care

Music 8

I’ve decided to NOT review Maoyu for the particular reason of being a lazy asshole who’s already bogged down with enough stuff to type as is, and my small disdain for said series. It wasn’t horrible, but potential has been lost. Jojo doesn’t get one either because, hey, I loved it. I’m at the busiest part of my workload at the moment, but I am gradually working through what I can.

But that’s like the 50th time you heard me say that but oh well.

I have fully switched from LoL to DotA 2 and it’s good to be back with the DotA community, the leaver problem is somewhat fixed and the lag isn’t as annoying as before. Aside from that..there’s not really too much else going on in my game time.

Finally, the massive recap post will be completed around this week. It will cover the first 2-3 episodes while next week’s recap post will cover the episodes released this week and probably next week’s as well.

We’ll take a break with Nujabes and the other artists for this set of music. We’ll return to them at another close point in time. I seem to be enamored with the Fate series these past few weeks. CCC has took a hefty amount of my time, I’ve recently led a friend of mine my PSP and a copy of Extra to see what he thinks (so far so good), and Fate Zero’s dub (which will have its first ep premiere friday) actually has a decent cast of voices. Mostly because Fate Zero is more mature orientated and the generous lack of highschool children prattling about (one of the things dub voice actors can’t replicate well is highschool voices, the girls especially) makes it a much more “easy” dub to accomplish. I, personally, fancy it to say the least

So with Fate in my mind, I decided to tackle the jazzy soundtrack of Fate Extra for the next few weeks. So let’s get to it

This week’s theme is the 2nd Battle theme of Fate Extra’s regular fights. It picks up around 0:44 and once again in 1:13

Music of the Week #80

Day late because…I’m not sure

Special Music

I will start tackling the Spring Anime once this week is over so be prepared for quick summaries for me to get back on track. Jojo and Maoyuu are due for series reviews and hopefully I’ll get to them by the end of the week. Well actually, just Maoyuu. Reviewing Jojo is redundant as it is an obvious fact that I LOVE IT. So 3 week recap and Maoyuu are in store.

Fate Extra CCC, Jojo’s All Star Battle, and Dark Souls II remain my most anticipated games. Until any of those ever come out in the states, I’m stuck with DotA 2. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’ve basically moved away from League for a while and returned to my roots as a DotA player.

Seeing as how I’m pretty unsocial around the anime blogosphere, I finally picked up a Twitter to re-enter the loop. If my confidence matters to any of you, please follow us (well, just me) on Twitter.

The beautiful tracks of Nujabes will be revisted later on so this will be his last track from him for now. I’ll be exploring songs by other artists until we reach Week #100 where we will return to our good old anime songs. This week is Counting Stars, enjoy


Gametalk 9: Fate/Extra

“No mater the era, deciding who is worthy through battle is the divine providence of man”

I have more “editorial” esque Gametalks being planned out, but I wanted to address the 2-3 games I’ve currently been playing before I forget anything important. The games I wish to just muse about on this occasion is Fate/Extra, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, and maybe Fallout New Vegas but that’s getting itself a longer gametalk so that might not happen. Seeing as though Fate Extra is the most fresh in my memory, I will cover that first here. So Fate Extra happened to be one of my earlier Gametalks back in the first few months of this site’s existance, and looking back on to it now, it was a “simplistic” talk on characters more than….a meaningful post. Now around 1-2 years in the future, after finishing the game 3 times and with improved writing skills, I’ll actually “review” the game. So Spoilers!

Edit: While this was meant to be short, I ended up analyzing and reviewing the damn thing.

Fate Extra 1

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