Magi: The Labryinth of Magic Series Review

A faithful rendition of the manga until we hit the Sindria Arc

Magi Alibaba's Trust

While the manga of Magi still continues on, the anime adaptation ended with the Zagan arc with no “definitive” end. While the first introductory arcs and the Balbadd were well done, Sindria’s arc was extremely condensed. Oh well, it’s either a sign that they’re not going to continue with Magi or they just REALLY needed to wrap it up fast. Either way, let’s get the show on the road

Magi AlixMorg

The actual fight with our anime-only Corrupted Alibaba isn’t too much of a fight on its own. Morgiana tries to get a few kicks in and Hakuryu actually does something because of Zagan’s power. That’s all a diversion for Aladdin to pierce through Alibaba’s mind. So once again the show invoke the inner struggle type thing going on with “cursing one’s fate” and what-not. It happened with Kassim, Dunya, and the anime makes Alibaba succumb to inner negativity as well. Aladdin however cleanses him of that negativity because we all know: Alibaba is a f*cking hero. While the series portrayed that relationship between Aladdin and Alibaba nicely, it was an expected outcome. With that, Ithnan gets his ass whooped by Sinbad while getting himself cleansed by Aladdin’s power. The generals also defeat their respective opponents. Everything ends on a happy note. I particularly liked the ending though, we get to see Magnostad, Reim, Kou, and the other Magi (I forget his name) wandering the world.

  • Aladdin: Since Aladdin is really young for a shounen protagonist, I can only imagine how much a badass he will eventually become. He’s also quite the ladies-man so more perks to him when he gets older I suppose. Since he’s the inherent good of the entire series, there’s not too much else to say about Aladdin here.
  • Alibaba: Yuki Kaiji voices a lot of….quirky main characters. I find Alibaba here the most worthy of the protagonist voices he has done. Alibaba here can proficiently handle most fights on his own and isn’t the dumbest protagonist due to his royal lineage. Extra points for for badass rivalry/friendship and ending that friendship with killing his best friend to free his soul (cause bro-slaying, although extremely painful, can only turn you into the most hardcore of men [not that I endorse bro-slaying]). Definitely didnt’t like what they did at the end, oh well.
  • Morgiana: Morgiana embodies the will of the people who complained about girls in shounens that couldn’t anything (or did everything in terms of harems with useless males). Morgiana here is adorable and immensely badass due to her Fanalis bloodline, so she can smile like an angel and kick like an Olympian. Morgiana was and still is a breath of fresh air to me. Because what other female character beats the crap out of our male leads in the beginning story arc?

Only three people getting personal thoughts on? Well since it’s a shounen series thats still continuing, there’s a large bunch of character I need to cover. To be short: Kogyoku came off a bit crazy, but she turned adorable later on. She can still fight like a pro too. Hakuei had like 2-3 episodes, perhaps we’ll see more of her when Kou gets more involved. Someone please punch Judal for me. In terms of Sindria, I only pay attention to Sinbad, Masrur, Jafar, and Yamu. Everyone else seems…really familiar in terms of their powers and looks.

Magi Magno Magi Reim Magi

I picked up Magi’s manga around the…well after I watched Episodes 1-2. So I basically read ahead up to Balbadd and Sindria before they even got to Balbadd in the story. Balbadd was a good arc and was nicely done in the animation while Sindria got skewed up pretty hard. While I’m okay with skipping some manga parts to get to the fun parts faster, changing stuff completely isn’t really a good substitute. In the manga, Hakuryu gets his arm chopped off after the fight. The fight ultimately ends with our heroes losing and their respective mentors show up to fight Al Thamen’s agents. Alibaba getting corrupted never happened. While it isn’t semi-perfect like the Jojo’s Manga to Anime transition, Magi did a good job until we reached Sindria


So what I basically think of the anime, is purely based off the manga, and if the manga made me read at least 80 chapters ahead then of course it was a good experience. Magi takes us away from ninjas, pirates, and highschools to bring us to a setting where not a lot of people would think of using. It has a pretty good blend of characters for the main cast and war is around the corner everywhere. I would suggest you read the manga if you’re too impatient to wait for a new season announcement (I personally doubt one). I don’t want to spoil anything but Aladdin and Alibaba become pretty damn strong in the current arc. Alibaba was to block a Fanalis’s metal vessel with his own.

This was one of the shorter reviews because the smaller character list but nonetheless, you have the backdrop manga for you read ahead in and plenty of stuff is going on there. From where things got skewed, I would suggest just reading the chapters after the Balbadd Arc. So if you’re a fan of the manga, the anime will does well until the end and for the new fans who got into the anime, the manga is pretty far ahead and there’s plenty of stuff for your enjoyment. For a numerical score, I give Magi an 8/10, stopping itself from getting an 8.5 or even a 9 because of it’s finale (and Sindria)

Magi See you later

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