Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review

Hah, these kids don’t know about cellphones

I don’t neccessarily hate Yozra (I couldn’t hate anyone in this series!) but hey, we need a counter balance to the wierder members of the club right?

So, this weeks episode (much to my dismay) did not feature Kodaka going to Sena’s house to meet her father and get a huge misunderstanding from everyone else. Instead we got, mostly a Yozora episode in my opinion. I say this because we see her smile, quite brightly actually.

As Yozora has ordered, the Neighbor’s Club still meets on summer break and Kodaka, being a virtuous man, regularly attends the club “meetings” or “gatherings” the club holds> Kobato, although adorable, is too weak to fight off the summer heat (especially with her fashion) and decides to stay home for the remainder of the episode. (Stop saying Kukuku Kobato, say an-chan more!). Anyway, it seems that Kodaka and Kobato lives pretty damn far off from regular cities and towns.

So regular afternoon, Sena plays games, Yozora reads, and Yukimura serves in a maid outfit. When he hands Kodaka his lunch, Kodaka mentions that he already ate before he got here and that Yukimura doesn’t need to give him food during summer. Yukimura takes this as his failings to be a proper underling and declares he must committ suicide. Kodaka stops him and tells him that he’s still important. Maria takes notice of food that isn’t eaten and says that she would eat it instead. Kodaka remembers that because it’s summer, he hasn’t been able to cook her lunch. So he decides that Yukimura should serve her instead. Yet another misunderstanding to Yukimura as he says that serving two masters defy the way of the warrior. However Kodaka moves around this by saying he is serving Maria as if she was Kodaka’s sister. With newfound fervor, he complies.

However, the food is still unhealthy so Kodaka tells Yukimura to bring Maria more healthier food. Next day, happens that Yukimura’s idea of “healthy” food is basically pure protein and he makes Maria eat every last drop of protein. Kodaka clears things up so that Yukimura brings something less…concentrated.

She’s talking about her games people

So for a few days, Kodaka and Yukimura are the only ones that show up and finally, the entire gang arrives (with the exception of Kobato and Maria). Apparently everyone was “busy”. Kodaka then suggests the idea that they should keep in contact.

It isn’t hard to imagine

Kodaka suggests a message board but Sena apparently was accused of being a troll when she used one.

 But then Rika suggests the idea of using their phones, which hilariously no one ever thought of before.


 As Kodaka and Yozora struggle with the technology of a (flip) phone, Yukimura and Rika instantly exchange informations using infared (bluetooth?). Seeing as though they are like babies to this kind of technological magnitude, they just decide to enter the information manually.

Even reading works of literature will not make you smarter in today’s world

The reactions are priceless and Kodaka succesfully recieves a message from Yozora.

No wonder people are scared of you man 

Friends points (patheically) increased by 1!

Sena who was playing games while this was going on gets jealous as Yozora gained Kodaka’s number and starts taunting on commoners and phones. Taunting back, Yozora calls Kodaka to further taunt Sena who is without a cellphone.

Sena once agains cries and runs away

Later that night, Kodaka gets a phonecall from a mysterious caller, mysteriously getting scared by his voice.

I smell tsun, but it’s the good kind 😀

 Sena apparently is calling Kodaka for his cellphone model. She gets the information and hangs up, oh where will it go from here. You know, Kodaka is the most normal and pretty good male character I have seen in modern anime.

Anyways the next day Kodaka gets into a mailing spree as Rika tells that she and Yozora are naked and she sends a picture. Being a normal guy, Kodaka buys into this but Yozora intervenes via mail and tells that this is a lie. Of course more perverted hilarity ensues as Rika sends more  (extremely fast) messages. Finally Kodaka makes it to the clubroom. Yozora is on the couch exhausted from messaging while Rika announces she’s now into reading yuri as well.

Man it’s just train-ride in this christian school

Anyways, later that afternoon, Sena walks in and begins showboding her new phone, which is exactly identical to Kodaka. They exchange info and Sena moves on to add Yozora. Yozora of course, begins to make fun of her and then Sena runs away again. However she sends a message to Kodaka then Yozora asks for Sena’s number to taunt her some more. Yozora spams Sena which scares her pretty damn good and she helplessly asks Kodaka to help her. The two stay while Yozora leaves

Isn’t she supposed to be rich?

Yozora’s gottta tone down her mindset if she wants to win him over

I can’t decide if thats a good or bad way to end this episode.

Anyways, thats all! Next episode review will follow!

4 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review”

  1. I thought Yozora and Kodaka were funny in this episode. Lately though, Yozora’s started to get on my nerves a lot with her constant mocking of other people.

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