The IDOLM@STER Episodes 16-20 Summary

Fear not, I haven’t forgotten about this series.

Yes i know that i neglected the series, but only 5 more weeks to go right?

I guess I just ain’t the fan of “cute girls doing cute things” Although i fairly enjoyed their concerts, I just can’t seem to go about seeing them do random crap. I seriously thought of dropping this series, but with over half the series finished, i might as well try to endure the most of it, besides, who would dare let a series about singing and idols end with a wimper right? I expect an epic final episode

Anyways 5 episode packed into one, I apologize for this but don’t expect anything great from me regarding idolm@ster

16: Small opening scene with Chihaya’s unfortunate family problems. Anyway, this episode is focused on Hibiki in an animal related show that she has to host. Fitting for a girl like her who can communicate with animals. But of course, we can’t just let that be all the show can we? Nah, the dudes from Jupiter and their boss attempt to troll 765 pro. Hibiki gets lost during the job and the Jupiter boys are gonna take over. However, Hibiki’s dog who she was talking to in the beginning of the episode and the rest of the animals she lives with shows up and tracks her down and saves her. To be honest, it was a nice little scene but damn, she really understands animals. I’ve noticed that the Producer got a little more, i dunno, popular i guess amongst the 765 crew

17: Episode about Makoto and how girls fangasm over her. It must be hard to be a girl in a more or less manly but girly body. The episode focuses on Makoto and her less seen “girly” side. While on the job we meet Jupiter once again. Apparently the main man of Jupiter just happens to be an ass while the other two just stand there. Makoto gets taunted about being a prince and she gets pissed. The Producer calms her down by taking her to the arcade. But eventually Makoto and the Producer go to a amusement park. But they run into trouble when Makoto’s gallant attitude of protecting the weak. While protecting girls, Producer steps in and gets a recieving blow from the gangsters. Anyway, Makoto gets on the list of the producer’s “closer” employees next to Miki i guess.

18: Episode 18 was rather entertaining, mostly because it had a show involved. R.K apparently planned a secret concert and Ritsuko was taxing the 3 members on how to their routine correctly. Eventually in all of this, Azusa gets the mumps and she is unable to perform in the concert. So who else could cover Azusa’s place and practice and master the routine? While pondering on this thought, R.K gets a ton of fanmail, one of them a picture of Ritsuko back when she was an idol. Ritsuko, out of some desperation asks Miki if she wanted to join R.K but she knows better than to ask Miki that. In the end, Ritsuko decides that she has no other choice but to join her crew and finally perform. Good episode, mostly because it focused on a character but also included a semi-concert.

19: This episode dealt with Shijou Takane, who honestly we don’t know anything about. At first, Takane’s photo of helping an old man retrieve his wallet goes viral. Apparently that old man was a president of another company and Jupiter’s Boss can’t get enough of trolling. So for now, Takane’s reputation is tarnished a little but she is not afraid to get back to working. Later the girls take her out to a small festival. Takane seems to get a little light on Chihaya’s attitude after she leaves when she relived a bad moment from her past. Anyway it seems that The Jupiter guys ain’t that bad as they say they will win against all by pure talent, but their president apparently doesn’t care what they think and decides to go with blackmail and cheap stuff anyawy. While working later that next day, Takane would identify the guy who was getting all the photos of her and flip his ass over his back, or judo threw him to the ground and her good name is restorded. Story is done, but we still didn’t get to know anything about Takane. Seriously, what is up with her. At the end of episode, Chihaya is scheduled to sing  but suddenly loses her voice

20: Well it’s out, Chihaya’s secret and traumatic past is finally given light(her brother died and the ensuing family problems that led to divorce). Her incapability to sing originates from deep psychological damage. Seeing that she can no longer sing, she has failed as an idol for losing her ability and as a sister as she promised she would sing for Yuu (her brother). Chihaya then leaves and locks herself up in her house. Haruka tries to cheer her up but she gets yelled at. On the way back to the studio, Haruka meets Chihaya’s mother who hands over a picturebook that belonged to Chihaya’s brother. Chihaya’s absence would negatively affect an upcoming concert the company had planned. With the book and with everyone at the company, they compose a song for Chihaya to make her feel better. Haruka delivers both the book and the song to Chihaya’s house. Chihaya looks through the book and the song and minutes before the concert begins she shows up just in time for her solo. However, her voice is still not coming out and this is when everyone joins her on stage to sing it with her. Chihaya is then able to sing while crying her heart out. Definitely a better episode than the others, pretty emotional episode. I guess me sticking with his series was rewarded (in a simple term). They could have easily made this the finale, but now what else is left?

I greatly apologize for posting before and I want to apologize even more that I bunched up these episodes. But I will probably cover the last episode in the series review while the last four are put in a review like this.

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