Music of the Week #9

I first want to apologize for the lack of posts. Light’s getting piled up with homework and he got his Ipad stolen. To top that off, Mutsu no Hana (mashiro iro¬†psp) arrived for him and his psp followed, so that bastard is gonna be more preocupied(at least I get to play the other game he ordered). I have been preocupied with my schoolwork as well and I’ve been doing some thinking of taking an instrument or take another language. Anyways enough of that

So I apologize, I will try my best to make Light get back to work. But have no fear! Winter Break is in 2-3 weeks!

So enough about us, that really belonged in the Author’s Corner but oh well

Enjoy this week’s song: Hitori no Yoru with one kickass chorus