Music of the Week #13

You really know when it’s break when you don’t know what day of the week it is

Well this week’s song is from one of more, conclusive harem series that ended with a vote done by the fans for whom the main should get together with


Like most manga series, Ichigo 100’s anime didn’t do the series justice, and I happen to like the design in the manga version. If you haven’t seen the anime or if you haven’t read the manga, just read the manga

But I will admit, the opening of the anime is just lovely.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

AKA The Best Light Novel Ever

It’s also one of the most famous of its genre in Korea… I think there’s 34 or so volumes out at the moment. To my knowledge, the series is ongoing.

Awards received:

Light’s super duper amazingly awesome award for epicness.


11/10 by 9001 votes, because I count as over 9000.


Hyun (IGN: Weed), is a hardcore, badass gamer. He is fucking genius, and the #1 player of the once most popular MMORPG in Korea. Unfortunately, he is debt-ridden through his father 100 million won ($.1M) and sells his character, Weed. Hyun, not expecting much, decides to start the bid at 50,000 won ($50) and leaves a 24-hour limit. People are skeptical at first because Weed has all these never-before-seen items and is also the maximum level (which was raised just recently), but it is confirmed by professionals that Weed is a legit, well-known player. Although Hyun himself does not know he is famous, since he always trained alone, other people saw him solo never-before-soloed bosses, etc, giving him that rep.

And so the bidding begins, rising exponentially as the auction gains media coverage and big bosses begin levying in (apparently it’s something you can brag over at parties). Meanwhile, Hyun is sleeping. GG. The final value is 3.09 billion won ($3.09M), and Hyun is overjoyed.



Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review

I have this and C3 to review and then it’s time to ready the Winter anime posts

This show is nothing without me! Give me another season filled with me and Kobato!

One of the series that I reviewed this season. The one I actually fully covered. I was just thinking of editing the episode 12 review and having the review at the end of it, but I just might as well finish it off here. I’m just going to make this short with a opinion on characters and thoughts Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review

Mashiro-iro Symphony and Majikoi Double Review

Congratulations Mashiro-Iro symphony! You have done something a lot of harem series failed to do, choose an actual good character for the end

For the sake of comparison, lets compare this series with another harem series that was made off from an eroge, Majikoi. Yes, that will be reviewed here as well.

So before I begin lets cover the series’ general plot line and character lists, Mashiro goes first Continue reading Mashiro-iro Symphony and Majikoi Double Review

Happy Holidays!

Light isn’t really responding to a lot of my contacts so I’ll say this on his behalf as well as mine

Happy Holidays from the both of us. Whatever your beliefs may be and whatever this week or past days have meant to you, we wish you a good one. Thanks for staying with us and we hope to see more visitors as we go into the new year of 2012 in a few days.

But for me and Light, and for the “usual” celebration that is tomorrow, Merry Christmas!

And of course, pics 😀 Continue reading Happy Holidays!