Music of the Week #8

A classic manga review will follow tomorrow but this song should prove as an obvious indicator on which series it’s gonna be

Yep, It’s GTO

It was one of the few series my brother ever recommended to me and he only has recommened around 5 to me.

Anyways enjoy the song as I will try to get something out today and post the classic tomorrow

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review

Hah, these kids don’t know about cellphones

I don’t neccessarily hate Yozra (I couldn’t hate anyone in this series!) but hey, we need a counter balance to the wierder members of the club right?

So, this weeks episode (much to my dismay) did not feature Kodaka going to Sena’s house to meet her father and get a huge misunderstanding from everyone else. Instead we got, mostly a Yozora episode in my opinion. I say this because we see her smile, quite brightly actually. Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review