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Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 32- Mini Arc

So when I said we’d see All For One this week, I guess I was wrong. Funnily enough, I don’t remember this taking place at all in the manga with Tsuyu’s little adventure. This reasoning escapes me unless Tsuyu won something in the popularity poll or something because I never really cared for her since she hasn’t really gotten an actual “development” arc in the manga yet. I don’t doubt my memories are a bit fragmented with the series but the only notable thing about Tsuyu is when she reprimands her fellow students after a rather large event.

But anyways, I guess we can save the other big exposition for the next episode.

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Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Series Review

That was…one of the most ambiguous endings for something like this


So the first season ended for us with Yozora’s return as Kodaka’s realized childhood friend (who didn’t see that coming?) and now the 2nd season picked off and ended with a very inconclusive ending. Was it a worthwhile second season or was it a bust?

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Winter Anime Week 12

Last week before I go off on series reviews, which in my opinion are a lot more entertaining to do than weekly ones. Such is the path I’ve chosen, but oh well let’s get started


GO GO GO! AFTER THIS, IT’S JUST SERIES REVIEWS! Cept Jojo because that tags along with the Spring Anime Weekly posts now, WHERE THE HELL IS MY STARDUST CRUSADERS


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Winter Anime Week 9

Decided to pick up Mondaiji and Senran Kagura just for the hell of it. They’ll get series reviewed in a few weeks. I picked up a few Gintama episodes after seeing some more serious arcs show up. I swear, I hear Joseph everytime I hear Gintoki (used to be the other way around)

Nobume is so cute

Announcement: Maoyuu is not dropped, it instead will just recieve a series review.

Short comments but I’m already like 2-3 weeks late

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