Music of the Week #598

Time to get busy.

My time’s about to be even sparser than it already was for the next two months so just a heads up. I don’t really think I have too much to watch this season nor have I really put in time for a new game despite having a decent amount in the backlog. I’ve mostly been continuing my 2nd Elden Ring playthrough after I finally got a hold of my footing again. My interest in playing Dragon’s Dogma is incrementally increasing so I’m willing to bet that’ll be what I get to after I advance far enough into my FTH run in Elden Ring, we’ll see.

This feature was showcased a number of times in the pre-release stages of Super Paper Mario’s life but it’s a feature that maybe pops up once per chapter during the more open-ended segments before you enter a structure for the later chapters of a stage. While not as important of a feature as it is grand, I still do appreciate the times it does happen and when you have other characters to make use of.

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