Music of the Week #597

Rev up that new season.

Nagatoro is over but one other series I did keep up with has one more week left. Will I talk about them in their own post? Probably not. What I can talk about this time is that I was recommended a manga series that I wouldn’t mind seeing adapted in the near future with so many series getting adapted these days.

Flipside will be a theme that you’ll be hearing a lot since it’s the Toad Town and Rogueport of the game. I don’t hate Flipside but I definitely remember a lot less of its NPCs compared to the other two hubs. The theme itself isn’t bad but it really isn’t too catchy in comparison. The constant elevator rides definitely don’t help it either but one thing I do like is exploring its ruins to place the Pure Hearts across the city to unlock new chapter doors. While it may not be “organic” like finding the right pipe that leads into the next zone, I do like having all of the said zones lined up so neatly at the tower.