Music of the Week #594

It’s March already

Nioh 2’s write-up was comparatively short to how much I had to slog through its item management so I’m left with an odd void in my schedule where I’m unsure of which game to proceed with next. I COULD go through all of Mass Effect again but it’s a series I’ve already played extensively. Maybe it’s finally time for Dragon’s Dogma I also did buy Fairy Fencer for cheap and heard it was the only game Compile Heart has ever shitted out that was worth anything.

We finally move on to the beginning of the end for the Paper Mario franchise as we know it. Super Paper Mario is a divisive title that dropped the RPG elements and became a platformer with a questionably half-baked gimmick on top of it. It didn’t occur to me how big a shift this was to me at the time of release because I was just excited for another Paper Mario game. I see the whole perspective a bit better now but that doesn’t take away from Super Paper Mario’s strength in its characters and story, while some of its other aspects aren’t that great. There’s decidedly less memorable music for one so let’s cover the ones that did manage to stick with me across the decade. Champion of Destruction is a rendition of Count Bleck’s theme, a character we’ll be getting to know as the game forges on.