Nioh 2: Aria of Sorrow

February seems to be Nioh month because I played Nioh 1 almost 6 years ago in February while I was waiting for Dark Souls 3’s final DLC to come out. Elden Ring hasn’t made a sound about its DLC yet so I guess the similarities end here.

But you know where the similarities pick up again? Take a wild guess.

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Music of the Week #593

Silly timing.

Right as I post that big write-up about gacha games, Blue Archive’s big story event releases its next portion. Oh well. The next post about games shouldn’t take too long because as it turns out, Nioh 2 is literally just more Nioh 1 with even less story to talk about.

Our last look at the Paper Mario OST will be Starborn Valley Trail. Winter settings really do have some wonderful themes and the penultimate chapter for Paper Mario was really full of them between Shiver City, Shiver Mountain, Starborne Valley, Merle’s Theme, Crystal Palace Crawl, and the Crystal King himself. With this, we can move on to Super Paper Mario, the last Paper Mario game I’ve played.

What makes Blue Archive so popular?

Ten years ago I poorly explained three multimedia franchises that were booming within the burgeoning internet communities of the 2010s. Today, I hope to try in competently explaining why I think another booming franchise with cute anime girls is doing well for itself.

The topic of today’s analysis is Blue Archive, a Korean Gacha Game that has recently just celebrated its 2nd Anniversary and is enjoying a boom in popularity. I myself picked this game up a month or two after its global server release last year and seeing the reactions to it have been entertaining and in my mind, well deserved. Blue Archive is not my first gacha game, I’ve been afflicted by this genre since 2017 when FGO caught me in its clutches and then Azur Lane entered my life a year later. With multiple years under my belt, I kind of knew what to expect, but Blue Archive definitely lands on a different strike zone compared to the other two.

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Music of the Week #592

Wednesday comes too soon.

I’m still making my way through Nioh 2 and I’m starting to hit the wall where enemies are now being covered by ranged support and I’ve definitely died from falling off a bit more. I do have another post related to games written up but I’ve been slacking on getting the relevant pictures. I hope I can get to them and not be distracted by Nioh 2.

Merlar’s theme definitely escaped from my memory as it only plays once during the game and the room gets LOCKED OFF after you progress enough through Shiver Mountain which definitely explains this one particular memory where I tried to find this room again to no avail. Shiver City/Mountain and Crystal Palace really were such a great penultimate chapter to start off the game’s finale.

Music of the Week #591

Time management.

Is something I’m struggling with. I’m slowly making my way through Nioh 2 and I’m making sure to actually level my onmyo after feeling like I was left out of some fun bullshit in the first game. I’ll also preface this now, I’ll be going over some more tracks from Paper Mario 1 now that I actually remember I forgot some tunes from spotlighting. We’ll get to Super Paper Mario soon.

The Shadow Queen is a sour point in my gaming career. If I remember correctly, I had like 50HP in my initial playthrough of Thousand Year Door yet had trouble dealing with Grodus and Bowser. The Shadow Queen was a final boss I somehow was never able to beat and I don’t understand how my younger self wasn’t able to do so. At some point, I did a 2nd playthrough of it but lost steam around the X-Naut Base’s final stretch in the factory level and didn’t even get close to the Palace of Shadows again. Or maybe I did, because I remember one of my runs reaching the Riddle Tower but not progressing from there.

Music of the Week #590

Down time.

I’ve finally caught up with the games I’ve managed to finish and now I’m about to start another pretty soon. Will probably be a while before I finish it though, we’ll see if I my Nioh 1 skills are still kicking at all. Apparently there’s talks about the Elden Ring DLC being real so I hope that’s true. I recently booted up my 2nd playthrough’s file and have no idea what I was in the middle of doing.

The Palace of Shadows is a mysterious place sealed behind the Thousand Year Door. It’s like the gate to an actual dungeon which feels completely enclosed but then around 75% of the way through, you open up to an area that has a tower situated in the middle of a small moat. This area always felt oddly tranquil after fighting your way through the palace’s oppressive halls and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a bigass dragon just a screen away.