Music of the Week #418

Change of plans

I said I’d cover Bokuben S2 but I think there isn’t much for me to say about the adaptation quality compared to the other two series that comparatively seem way more interesting to talk about. There won’t really be much to talk about unless the adaptation actually gets to the defining character chapters in this season, not like I’d make a one-off post for those but I’ll be still watching them anyway.

This week’s tune plays during one of the Bond moments that were introduced in Zero, where there’s basically an invisible counter noting which party member, be it male or female, you decided to take with you on certain events. Gameplay-wise, this only affects the Combo-Craft supermove but narratively, explores a given character’s story that you’re restricted to learning about once per playthrough. It’s this core concept of these bond moments that become the entire basis for Cold Steel’s gimmick  yet despite that, Cold Steel’s bonding moments are one of the game’s largest downfalls.

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