Music of the Week #419

A welcome surprise

One of the shows of my childhood, Chuuka Ichiban, apparently got a new animated series that just aired early this week. Not only is this a surprise because of how much later this would happen, the fact that Shin Chuuka Ichiban starts out from Episode 19 or 20 of the original series with the memorable black chicken episode. Apparently that’s where the manga serialization kicked off as brand new and that’s what we’re going with, which means I get to see an HD remaster of Mao fighting that evil chef in gold armor as well as see more of the OG food orgasm.

This week’s theme is Mystic Core, where we revisit a particular location in the game to discern the true dungeon’s whereabouts where it’s ultimately a lot closer than we would have guessed. Those of who most likely played Cold Steel II might have a good guess as to where though.