Music of the Week #421

Look at that

Given how fast I got through the week’s work, I feel a bit proud of myself writing this up on Monday evening instead of Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon. Both series being covered got a bump in the road, with FGO just being a bit less exciting than the previous episodes because of my indifference to Jaguar Man and Azur Lane with its one key animator effort on episode 4. At least FGO can afford the slow-burn pace, Azur Lane still has ways to go if it needs to deliver what it’s trying to do

The first part of why Crossbell was so good in my eyes is that our protagonist Lloyd Bannings fulfilled two roles in the series. One as the protagonist who we experienced the story with and second as a character in his own right beyond that of our lens to see the kiseki universe. You might say these qualities are only expected from a protagonist and that’s true but it’s what came after Lloyd that really made these traits to invaluable. Lloyd and Rean occupy the same crucial role as the protagonist but once we get to Rean, we’ll talk about how he differs from Lloyd.