Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 31- Beginning of the End

Piles of exposition, with the most important being that the League of Villains, despite Tomura’s tantrum, has only gained notoriety through Stain’s actions. I’ve mentioned this countless times before but I still lament how Season 2 will end before the start of an amazing arc, an arc which I was so excited to experience again that I decided to reread it. It amazes me how this series reached its turning point in less than a 100 chapters in. It’s also funny to think All For One’s namedrop happening now when we’ll most likely get a shot of him next week.

But anyway, we’re here to discuss the anime so let’s do just that

The trio of youngsters recover their wounds from the hospital as they are visited by Manual and Gran Torino. The two heroes brought with them the local chief of police who lists their actions as acting out of conduct and that they were given no permission to do what they did. As such, the three upstarts as well as their respective supervisors were in-line to be punished. Todoroki gets angered and asks if they should have left the hero Stain was about to kill to die but the police chief concludes relaying what the police’s official statement on the subject was. He himself commends them for their bravery as a fellow peacekeeper and lightens the mood significantly. Elsewhere, the other students continue their efforts in working with their recruiters. Later on, Iida gets confirmation that he has sustained severe damage to his left arm and that his nerves have been affected by it. While he hates to admit it, the Hero Killer’s judgment on him was sound and to carry his mistakes, Iida declares that he’ll keep his wounds as they are and have them surgically fixed when he is comfortable enough to be called a hero again. Deku stops himself from consoling him and he too affirms that they’ll struggle together to become what they wish to be. Todoroki begins to feel distressed at how both of them got their hands damaged when he was involved.

All Might gets a phonecall from Gran Torino where he both commends and chastises All Might on how much Deku takes after him in recklessness. All Might apologizes for putting Gran Torino through so much trouble but their topic switches to something more serious as they discuss Stain’s effect on society at large will be more problematic than they thought. With such fervor and society coming to reconsider what it means to be a hero, criminal activity will be less organized and that will prompt the criminals to gather under a stronger power. The League of Villains’ ranks will swell if Gran Torino’s suspicions are right. All Might confirms that even he has thought of the possibility after hearing the report on how the Nomu’s possessed multiple quirks and the duo come to namedrop the true villain’s name behind all of this, All For One.

Sure enough, some underground peddlers of gear and equipment share videos of Stain’s creed and fervor, inspiring them to seek out the League of Villains. We see other shady looking characters all tuning in on what Stain sought to represent and sought to bring change.

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