Music of the Week #305


Sore muscles

Arms been sore after workout, nightly fighting game lobbies, and FGO have been making time pass wonderfully this past week. Even picked up a recent manga due to the gyaru craze and while I’m still not keen on the idea, it’s been a damn long while I read anything romance related. Anyways, it’s just been daily routines so far so nothing else to say here. Oh wait, I did reread BnHA’s future arcs and goddamn do I love everything AFTER what we’ll get after S2 ends.

This week’s theme focuses on a letdown of a boss. Highlord Wolnir showed his pale skull during the earlier trailers for the game and I was hoping for something cool when we encountered him but wouldn’t you know, he’s a a gimmick boss fight. While he’s an enormous skeleton and possibly one of the biggest bosses in the series, Wolnir’s HP is heavily bloated and the only way to reliably win without chipping away at his health, is to break his three blinging armbands. Lore-wise, Wolnir was mostly a dick of a tyrant who conquered the neighboring kingdoms around him but was deathly afraid of death and the abyss and tried to stave it off, explaining his three armbands. Even someone as “great” as him couldn’t save himself and his death animation has him reeling down to the darkness that he tried to climb out of.

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