Music of the Week #306


So aside from re-reading Hero Academy’s climatic turning point, it’s just been itching to duel my friend in Magic the Gathering. That and practicing Under Night. Getting good with Seth has been a long-time goal and I think I’m getting close. I can do his extended bnb’s but I’ve got a long way to go to properly have him on my fingertips since his kit is so versatile. So all in all, nothing new has really happened.

But the music spotlight has finally reached one of my favorite characters in the Souls franchise, Pontiff Sulyvahn. While a very divisive boss in the series, due to people either having the roughest day with him, or the easiest if you know how to time your parry, I’ve always liked Sulyvahn the moment I saw him in the announcement trailers. Striding along, matching the player’s movements with his blades at the ready. While I always thought he looked amazing, the lore surrounding him was also very blatant, which is new in the series. Sulyvahn is the single-most referenced character in DS3 while not being the infamous Lords of Cinder. Sulyvahn, whether you come to realize or not, is basically led up to for the first half of the game. As his title of Pontiff suggests, he is the leader of the religious sect known as the Aldrich Faithful. Based in the Cathedral of the Deep (who gain their sacrifices from the Undead Settlement and the Roads of Sacrifices, Sulvahn seized control of the religion that was once devoted to cultivating heirs to the First Flame. With his lackeys Archdeacon Mcdonnell and Royce, he made the new religion’s figure be that of Aldrich, a resurrected Lord of Cinder that was once a member of the church. From there, he wrested control of Anor Londo and Irithyll from the old royalty and made the city his own. Aside from doing other heinous things to others, his own origins are interesting as well as his lineage traces to the Painted World. His swords also suggest his involvement with the Blades of the Darkmoon as well as witnessing the Profaned Flame.