Music of the Week #308

Almost time

Decided to spend more money on making yet another Magic deck because I love making stuff out of archetypes. First was wurms, then Elementals with other cool stuff in general, and now spiders. That and I’ve finally returned to reading the Forges of Mars omnibus and finished the 1st book. Was an absolutely wild ride and despite it being a 40K novel and knowing how many people die in this setting, I hope some of these guys make it out.

This week’s theme is the bombastic theme of the Dragonslayer Armor. This is the boss that really skewed my perception of the game’s timeline since the Dragonslayer Armor is clearly derived off of Dragonslayer Ornstein’s armor. The first Dark Souls introduced us to the badass himself, the second game showed off that the one we may have fought in 1 might have been an elaborate illusion and this might have been the old but real deal, and the third apparently shows us there’s another. The armor itself is based on the legend of Ornstein and not the man himself as the weapon, the large axe like construct and the shield does not reflect the spear that Ornstein used. Apparently, in the timeline 3, Ornstein left Anor Londo and had Smough take over his post while the former left to search for Gwyn’s firstborn. We find the armor in the Archdragon Peak where he might have ended up meeting him after all. But in all acounts, Ornstein was apparently alive in multiple times.