Music of the Week #230

Go go go


GTA V is a lot more “smoother” in almost every application of gameplay when compared to GTA IV’s extremely rigid and robust feel. For now, it’s a bad thing since cars just feel floaty as all hell and even the shooting elements feel like I’m firing off a peashooter since the SFX for the gun and impact of the bullet has no sense of feedback. Maybe I’ll get used to it, maybe I won’t but my PS3 can’t handle anything new now since it has less than 500mb of space left. Oh well, the only game I haven’t touched that I bought recently is Black Flag and I can only pray it has a small filesize.

This week’s theme will end the Dark Souls II spotlight and it’s the first theme you hear when you boot up the game. The series has some great menu themes and Dark Souls II’s menu theme, while not as great as the first one, has its own charm with its creepy intro into a relaxing piano tune.

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