Winter Anime 2016 Week 7

So it felt like the series I actually care about had to get a buffer episode in before shit really hit the fan. That being said the rest of the stuff I was watching haven’t done anything all that exciting. It would be preferable to have the last arc be set up for but then again, we’re only a week past the half-way point for a lot of these so I guess I should cut some slack since all the set ups “should” be happening now and/or they got one more arc to flesh out before that happens.

Bahamut (6)

Best Girl

I relived Date A Live with the newest character apparently being a staunch Man-hater, forcing our contraceptive sponge of an MC to dress up as a girl to try and get close to her. Apparently however, she isn’t a man hater at all. Big surprise. Her design is the only reason I’m sticking with this and I’m glad to see that smaller blondie and blue alien are irrelevant.

Phantom World (7)


A cat themed episode with the entire group somewhat working together. Yet another day to day, Scooby-Doo like mystery but at least this one was mildly entertaining, which is saying a lot compared to last week’s snorefest. Hopefully something serious and non-episodic happens soon to tie whatever strings together and make for a decent finale.

Shoujo Tachi (7)

Kuroda has yet to make any bad flags

A fairly entertaining episode with Bunta running into yet another roadblock due to not having romantic experiences of his own. This prompts the team to experiment by staging impromptu acting sessions that were pretty funny. Yuka gets her semi-spotlight but as expected, she doesn’t get anywhere with the outing other than staying friends.

Dagashi Kashi (6)

On this week of 30-minute Japanese Sweets advertisements, we got playing with our food. But we also got a scene in Saya and Coconut’s younger days which was admittedly cute and definitely shows a bit more chemistry than Coconut’s and Hotaru’s, with the latter just being completely insane.

Schwarzesmarken (7)


After two heroic deeds, treason finally takes to the field with Lise revealing herself to be a Stasi in the terrifying way for Theo. Pretty good since the action was pretty solid and in a setting like this where even your own country is working against you, the little speech Theo had in store for Iris was pretty nice. I knew Lise was a damn snake but Theo made one hell of a face this week.

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