Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 3-4

Busy week ahead for me so expect pictures to be added in at a later time. Let’s get rolling

Also, I apologize, I completely forgot to post this last week so two weeks got bundled. Let’s get this rolling before I forget anything else. Go go go

Rakudai Kishi (3-4)

Fucking kill me

Have I ever mentioned at how fucking tired I am with this goddamn loli’s in positions of power?

Never mind the fact about the girl in a dude’s body or the blatant fanservice of having female lead stripping down, I always wonder why series like these never ever has a “bro” like character acting as foil or at least some sort of badass fighting partner. Yeah I just mentioned the girl in the dude’s body and I forget if he’s actually telling the truth or putting up a front but I swear, any sort of cool dude always ends up being a despicable dickwad who always gets defeated in a fight. That applies to the new guy introduced this episode who strangely has a bow when literally everyone else has a variation of a sword. But I guess to a certain extent, arrows are technically blades too.

A few gripes on this one. First of all, they overdid the fight at the beginning just by adding terrain and scenery when it originally had a regular arena. Also, Hunting Ground sounds way better than Invisible Area but I guess they made it up for having the opponent be based on wood and plants. You know, I’m usually alright with the power of love and friendship but when the MC already has a few punctured organs and bleeding out in general, it really just irks me seeing him just move faster than a few hundred arrows, even if his powers allow him to do some bullshit. In the end, Stella and Ikki confess on a 4 episode timeframe. Impressive but does it really matter to me? No.

Asterisk (3-4)

I swear, most of these harem series always start out with some mysterious attacker. That or I’m just happening to remember Machine Doll specifically. Anyways, the main duo go on a date which feels real familiar and hilarious in hindsight at how Rakudai Kishi and Asterisk seem to be lining up near perfectly. Only difference being not too big of events going on but the main two do get some background story sharing, mostly from the main girl’s perspective. Mystery is probably revealed next episode but to be perfectly honest, Asterisk is only here so I can just compare it with Rakudai. Hopefully it gets something interesting down because Rakudai at least has some fights. Plus I’m not even sure what the MC is capable of in this series either.

I could barely pay any attention in the previous episode where they were building up for a fight and while they do bring in the fight, having boring ass set ups for the past few episodes don’t make it that cathartic in seeing the MC actually something. Close to dropping and I’m only watching just to compare this with Rakudai.

Shinmai (2-3)

More stupid shit and that kid’s costume is absolutely hilarious. Always knew something about him was off. Short, effeminate, unremarkable kid wearing glasses in a series like this? He’s either a villain or just something less than a plot device. The overly touchy teacher turns out to be in on something shady while more teachers seem to be aware of the whole demon and heroes thing going on. MC also gets Raiden’d but seeing as how his sword/power involves armored hand + sword combo, I guess he’s going to get something real bitchin’ real soon.

Needless political drama and more titillation that won’t be fulfilled until the BD’s come out. This is the closest to getting dropped and I probably won’t regret it.

Shomin Sample (2-3)

Best Girl

More modern-day ignorance expressed by girls. There’s honestly not much going on but my years of forcibly making myself watch battle harems have made me a bit more appreciative of stuff like this. Plus there isn’t really an annoying tsundere at all, unless if you count the orange-red haired girl but she’s just an idiot. That maid better get on the harem train though.

New girls introduced, genius-savant loli who is more for daughteru tendencies than anything lolicon-related, not too interested because younger girl characters need to strike a right chord with me. More importantly, we got the girl-with-the-sword and I instantly loved her. With a series filled with thighshots, we finally got some stockings and seeing them torn was a treat.

Anti Magic (2-3)

Our protagonist gets himself a unique power with unsurprisingly a loli to power it up. Wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen but does that phrase the loli enchants the suit with really have to be as it is? I really hope it changes. Anyway, the “prologue” scene in the first episode turned out to be this so surprise for me, since I was expecting that event where our MC is lying on the ground all beat up to be a bit later. The real thing starts from here so no ultimate opinion at the moment. Also, main girl seems to have calmed down but we’ll see what she’s about soon.

I find myself enjoying this series more than the other 2 “harems” since the MC isn’t being competely fawned upon. That being said, the main girl and previously introduced villain, now a part of the team, seem to be going at it but it’s a lot less pronounced compared to the rest. I’ll keep with this to see where it’ll end up, plus I like the MC’s anger issues.

OPM (3-4)

Fire at will

Another misadventure with Saitama and Genos where they quickly interrogate our cyber gorilla-man to where his boss is and the duo rush to their headquarters as Saitama is more concerned with a weekend sale going on at his local supermarket. I found the Doctor pretty interesting but once again, OPM is parody first, action second so while Genos’ fight with Carnage Kabuto was nice to look at, it’s always going to be that simple punch that’s going to end it all. Of course, it was a punch fueled with anger after Saitama realized today was Saturday and he might miss his bargain if he’s not careful.

We get to see Ninjaman here and he falls victim to Saitama’s skills and vows to return with his pride sorely hurt. This week’s, Saitama’s gripe is that a group of thugs with clean shaven heads give him some bad rep and Saitama sets out to fix the problem while the aforementioned ninja takes care of most of them and finds himself to be unable to match Saitama’s reaction speed. But have Genos and his flaming dick.

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