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One Punch Man- Saitama’s Zero Sum Game

Arguably one of the most hyped up series this season comes to a close.

My only question is, what the hell were people expecting?

No seriously, I heard about this series way before the anime was announced by my friends who were talking about it and I gained slight interest in the series, read a few chapters, and the likes. I knew from the moment I heard the title and the concept that this series would be predictable but in a good way, a real cathartic, the bully gets completely blown the fuck out sort of way. What I can’t seem to understand is, what in the world were people expecting this to be?

And why is it so popular?

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Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 8

We hit a peak and we reach a low, it’s not exactly a contest worth being mentioned but there a few points to be brought to attention. Why did I try to hard to make that last part rhyme? It was a surprisingly full week since I have the most pictures for this week’s batch but not all was great but hey, it gave me a bit to think about. Whether or not that’s good or bad thoughts stirring is up to you to find out.

Let’s roll

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Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 3-4

Busy week ahead for me so expect pictures to be added in at a later time. Let’s get rolling

Also, I apologize, I completely forgot to post this last week so two weeks got bundled. Let’s get this rolling before I forget anything else. Go go go

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