Music of the Week #212

Late on both ends


Was busy until this Wednesday so this is a day late. Couple with that, I completely forgot I didn’t post the Week 3 recaps so I might as well release it bundled with Week 4 by the end of this week. Been playing way more DotA 2 lately which is what was taking a lot more of my time, the weekend is almost so let’s get to it.

This week’s theme is the first of the “Old Ones” if you follow the game’s regular progression. Past the sprawling Bastille and the invasion heavy Belfry Luna, you enter Sinner’s Rise which is somewhat funny since you actually go down a tower to a flooded area. Past the floodgate however is a sizable tower (remember, this is somehow underneath the previous tower) with two stairs leading to its side doors while the front door holds the fog gate. If the Gargoyles were beaten before, the area past them holds the key to both the sides where you can light a torch to light the boss area. The boss is called the Lost Sinner and before the fight begins, you see a familiar looking insect enter her mask’s eye socket, prompting the host to react and lift her sword. The fight itself was significantly nerfed as apparently, people found her pretty hard. Honestly, she’s just another agile boss with sword and while she isn’t bad, she’s a bit underwhelming. If the fire wasn’t lit, the darkness adds to the fight since you can’t maintain lock on her. If it is, the fight is even easier. The Lost Sinner in successive NG’s reveals she inherited the Old Witch Soul, the exact same witch that became the Bed of Chaos and the Lordsoul offered to the Lordvessel. Apparently, great souls like hers simply do not diminish and remain in the world being taken up by powerful vessels. The callbacks are interesting but I really think they overdid it which strengthens my gripes at how Dark Souls II tries to be like and refer to Dark Souls 1 too much to be considered its own game.

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