Music of the Week #213


Keep on trucking


Not much to report other than I’m slightly enjoying what I’m seeing and how I missed the feeling of having some new to entertain me each week. Shinmai has been dropped since it’s been just a drag to watch and Rakudai and Asterisk only survive because I still have the need to torture myself. The rest are entertaining though, so I’m at least enjoying more than I’m allowing myself to suffer.

So other than more critiques, let’s talk about a decent fight in DSII. The Executioner’s Chariot is one of the few “gimmick” bosses in the game as in previous entries, gimmick bosses were somewhat common place. The Chariot’s fight presents you with a choice, although the most immediate problem the player must deal with is that the majority of the arena is unsafe as the titular Chariot rides down the corridor with its bladed wheels that trample anything it comes into contact with. You can hide in the alcoves but 2 necromancers keep an eternal stock of skeletons on your ass if you don’t take them out and you can decide to play this out in two ways. First, you can go the farthest end of the track you’re facing and pull a lever down, eliminating the Executioner himself while the demonic mount fights you. The alternative however has you stay in the alcove, completely safe and strafe the beast from afar. If the Chariot takes enough damage, then you’ll find it absent in its next lap over the arena and peering over the deep end shows you that it is hanging for dear life and a single hit will do it in.

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