Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 10&11- All the happening

I want to talk about Chaika once I learn the ending in the light novels so I will getting to Bahamut and Twintails first.

Talk about big reveals and set up for the final episode next week. I honestly expected things to take a while more but the series did a pretty good job in pacing everything around. Now I’m just wondering how they’re going to wrap everything in one final episode. Unless of course, the production studio feels merciful and gives us a season 2 which they have enough money for in the first place.

Kaisar, Favaro, and Amira make their way through the valley while in the human lands, Jeanne is about to be burnt at the stake by her own people. Bacchus comes to town and witnesses the event but Martinet messes with Jeanne’s faith and senses. When the people trying to save her are reprimanded by the guards, Martinet takes his chance to give Jeanne the potion and Jeanne becomes engulfed in flames but reborn as a demon. Jeanne does not do anything to the humans but flies away and corrupts the sword she received from the gods. Bacchus runs into Rita who hitches a ride with him after seeing Jeanne fly away.

Shingeki no Bahamut- Azazazazel

Back in demon territory, the trio find themselves in trouble as the very ground beneath them begin to crumble away. Out from the earth comes out one of the floating demons that carried Azazel’s castle only this time, Martinet appears. Bacchus and Rita talk about humans turning into full demons while making their way to the trio but bump into Azazel who gets run over by the carriage. Back to the trio, Martinet is revealed to be the “teacher” Amira used to know and he welcomes them to Helheim. Kaisar shouts that they should be in Prudisia but Martinet seems to behind everything as the magic compass begins to darken. Beelzebub himself appears and subdues Kaisar and Favaro and greets Amira. Beelzebub confirms all of Amira’s existence as a tool to bring the God Key to them. Amira tries to deny that statement by saying that she needs to see her mother to have her remove the key.

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Martinet laughs and then decides to show Amira her “mother” and brings her out. Martinet laughs as he reveals that Amira’s entire memory of her mother were forged by Beelzebub and that the “mother” she sees in front of her is not her mother at all. Amira was born from the angel in question but was “created” based on her being so that she could steal the god key easier. Amira falls to her knees but looks at Favaro before she starts to approach her “mother”. Alluding to what Favaro told her before at how her mother will recognize her if she hugs her, Amira does so. She lets a bloodcurdling scream as the two begins are turned into 1 and the transcendent key emerges. Favaro and Kaisar see all of this but Favaro asks Martinet if he could join their side. Kaisar witnesses Favaro’s betrayal yet again as Martinet gives Favaro the demonic potion.

Shingeki no Bahamut- Reaction

In the land of Abos, the angels struggle to keep Bahamut seals and the archangels feel the transcendent key’s appearance. They catch sight of something flying near them and the angels two angels are slain by the corrupted Jeanne. Michael decides to handle the situation on his own and we join Kaisar falling from the castle as he attempts to escape. He is picked up by Bacchus and co. and they see Michael descending near them. Jeanne follows and engages Bacchus and he gets out his old axe to match her. Rita shows the demon antidote she has made and gives Kaisar one to give to Favaro while she plans on using one against Jeanne. Kaisar meets Azazel again who share sarcastic pleasantries but Kaisar falls off after thanks to Bacchus and Jeanne’s fight

Shingeki no Bahamut- A good ending

Bacchus falls off and Hamsa apparently knows how to fly by inflating himself and he is able to match with Jeanne some more. Rita throws her arm carrying the antidote but Hamsa gets in the way. Azazel carries Kaisar to the floating castle while the dying Michael gives Jeanne the antidote and she is purified but Michael fades away after putting her to safety. Azazel confronts Beelzebub while Favaro is confronted by Kaisar. With Favaro’s trickster fighting style gone with his demonic switch, Kaisar is able to easily best him and shoot him down with Favaro’s own crossbow gun. However, the key reaches Bahamut’s vicinity and is absorbed by Bahamut as the world watches. Kaisar gets a front view seat but he is pushed off the ledge by Lavalley.

I completely forgot that Lavalley’s story doesn’t add up once Martinet’s reveal comes to light. Since I find Lavalley a pretty cool guy, I’d like to think he was just a pawn in all of this unknowingly or he really is someone allied with the demons or Martinet himself. Hamsa and Bacchus finally get the spotlight and they don’t even seem completely serious when they’re fighting a corrupted saint. RIP Raphael, cutest angel. On a final note, Favaro ain’t dead.

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